Monday, November 29, 2021

Tablas de San Andrés are back in the streets of Icod and La Guancha, with limitations

Arrastre de las tablas in Icod de los Vinos Photo: Revista BienMeSabe Some rights reserved

Tradition accompanied by regulations that guarantee health safety, such as the prohibition of installing kiosks and barbecue pits on public roads

Gone is 2020, the year in which Icod de los Vinos and La Guancha were unable to celebrate one of the most anticipated festivalsLas Tablas de San Andrés - the dragging of the boards down the steep streets of the municipalities where San Andrés and the opening of the wineries is a tradition that remains alive and that congregates hundreds of people every year, thousands in the City of the Drago. With the exception of San Juan de la Rambla, which decided not to authorize it again as a precaution due to the increase in cases of COVID-19, the other two municipalities in the region have opted to recover this festival. 

In the Icod it will only be enjoyed on November 29 and 30, on the eve and festivity of the saint, while in La Guancha it will last four days, with a festival of wines and tapas in the Plaza de la Iglesia, with limited capacity and in which a large representation of wineries from the Ycoden Daute Isora and Canary Islands will participate.

In specific roads, such as El Plano, preferred by the youngest due to its steep slope, limited capacity will be established, which will ensure social distancing and the mandatory use of masks, controlled by the members of the Local Police, Civil Protection and private security, confirms the mayor. Los Franceses, San Sebastián and El Sol streets also have their specific plans with a series of specific measures and in all of them the side prohibits the installation of barbecue pits and hot dog stands and the sale of chestnuts and new wine with music in the streets. "This year what is necessary is to defend tradition, so we ask that the consumption of traditional products of our gastronomy be done within bars and restaurants and not in the spontaneous way as in the past", emphasizes the president.

Francis González is not afraid that the situation will get out of control. Until Wednesday there were only seven active cases in the municipality. Even so, he asks for prudence and that the sanitary norms and the criteria established are met.

In La Guancha, a score of streets will be closed to traffic in the old town (La Palmita, El Agua, El Sol, La Caldera, Los Alfareros, La Hoya de Arcos, Las Colmenitas, El Pinalete, San Antonio, Lanzarote, Icod de los Vinos y El Risco), Santo Domingo (La Mayorina, San Felipe and Las Sabinas) and in Santa Catalina (Cañada Baja and Paseo El Parque).

This year residents will be able to shout, louder than ever: “Viva San Andrés”.