Monday, December 06, 2021

Tenerife registered 63% of COVID deaths in the Canary Islands in 2020

In 2019, 15,756 people died in the Canary Islands from causes such as tumours, diseases of the circulatory system or the respiratory system, which are still the main factors of death. A year later, COVID broke into the world and skyrocketed death rates. In the Canary Islands, mortality increased 4.6%, reaching 16,486 people. In Spain alone, statistics show that almost 75,000 people died from  coronavirus, of whom 494 did so in the Canary Islands, either from COVID or suspected of COVID. As expected, the capital islands concentrate the highest number of deaths, but they do not do so in a balanced way. And it is that Tenerife, according to the data analysed by the Canary Institute of Statistics (Istac), registered 63% of these deaths, specifically 315 of those almost 500. In Gran Canaria, the data show that the number of deaths attributable to COVID was 146.

The rest of the Islands are far from these figures: Lanzarote with 14. Fuerteventura (5), La Palma (9), La Gomera (3), and El Hierro (2) complete the official data collected by the Istac according to of the death certificates presented and in which the cause of death is included.

The figures differentiate between deaths from COVID and suspected of having been the cause of death. Thus, within the first figure, 396 people are registered, while in the second the figure is 98. The sum of both gives those 494 deaths from COVID in the Archipelago.

The municipalities that registered the highest number of deaths, in correlation with the total data of the Islands, those of Tenerife are the ones with the highest figures. The list is headed by Santa Cruz de Tenerife with 88 deaths, followed by La Laguna with 61; Puerto de la Cruz (20), Arona (17), Icod de los Vinos (15), La Orotava and Los Realejos (14), and Güímar (12), are the municipalities with the highest number of COVID deaths in Tenerife.

The data from Tenerife shows that the municipalities that were most affected by COVID mortality are concentrated in the north of the island, where, it cannot be forgotten, the oldest population is located. There the mortality registered was 90 people. In the south the figure was 64, while in the metropolitan area, with the municipalities of Santa Cruz, La Laguna, El Rosario and Tegueste, the number of deaths was 161.

The vast majority, 68% of the 494 deaths registered in the Canary Islands from COVID, were over 75 years old. In Tenerife that percentage rises to 70%. Regarding sex, more men died from coronavirus, with 58% of all deaths.

As reported by the Istac, in 2020 16,486 residents of the Canary Islands died, the most common causes of death being tumours (4,615, 28% of the total), diseases of the circulatory system (27.4%), diseases respiratory system (11.7%), nervous system (4.6%), infectious and parasitic (4.5%).

On the other hand, there were 45 deaths s registered in the Canary Islands due to drowning and submersion in swimming pools and natural waters. This represents 10 more deaths than the previous year. By islands, Lanzarote was the one in which the most people died from this cause, with 14, followed by Tenerife with 11 and Gran Canaria with 10.