Monday, December 13, 2021

Tenerife viticulturist Carmen Gloria Ferrera receives the 2021 San Andrés Wine Award

Bodegas Ferrera

The president of the Cabildo de Tenerife, Pedro Martín, presented the San Andrés 2021 Award to the Tenerife winemaker Carmen Gloria Ferrera in a ceremony held at the Casa del Vino de El Sauzal to commemorate the day of the traditional uncorking with the island's wine sector at the end of November. Pedro Martín highlighted the trajectory of this viticulturist in a fundamentally male sphere, who has been linked to the world of wine all her life, owner of the Bodegas Ferrera (Ferrera Winery) and operating under the protected designations of origin Valle de Güímar and Islas Canarias. Martín made reference to the importance that the sector has for the island, not only for the maintenance of economic activity and employment, but also to preserve the landscape, culture and traditions and highlighted the work being done in the Insular Corporation to promote the consumption of local or 'kilometre zero' products, both among the island's population and among tourists. 

Councillor for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Javier Parrilla, recalled that, historically, on the night of the eve of San Andrés in Tenerife, new wine is tasted, the wineries are opened and together with the chestnuts and local traditions. Taking advantage of this event, the Cabildo brought together agents involved in the sector at the Casa del Vino to highlight the relevance of the six denominations of origin that operate on the Island.

Carmen Gloria Ferrera, owner of Bodegas Ferrera, was born in Arafo in 1952 into a family of farmers with three generations dedicated to the vineyard and wine. With Bodegas Ferrera, the Tenerife winemaker has garnered numerous awards and recognitions in national and international competitions. One of the founding members of the Cumbres de Abona Cooperative, as well as of the SAT Viticultores del Valle de Güímar, she is registered in the Regulatory Council of the DO Valle de Güímar since its creation in 1994, presiding over the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin Valle de Güímar in 2013. Later, she resumed a personal project, founding Bodegas Ferrera, with the impetus provided by her children, who continue this family trajectory.

The award was presented in a ceremony in which participants also highlighted the importance of viticulture for the island's economy and culture, and where the quality and innovative character of Tenerife wines were emphasized. The Cabildo de Tenerife has celebrated these awards since 1996 and with them it is intended to recognize the work of those people or institutions that have stood out for their contribution to the island's wine sector.

La viticultora tinerfeña Carmen Gloria Ferrera recibe el Premio San Andrés 2021

The Bodegas Ferrera website is available in English; they offer Wine Tasting Experiences in their Mountain Vineyard (3 hours Available in: Spanish, German and English): "Guided tour of our organic vineyard, located almost 1,000 meters above sea level, on the island of Tenerife, in the middle of a large volcanic lava tongue and surrounded by Canary Island pines. During the route (on foot), we will make several stops, where you will learn how our old vines are grown, you will learn how a wine is made and we will taste 2 homegrown wines with Denomination of Origin, to finish the last stop with a tasting of another 2 wines and pairing with Canarian cheeses, assorted croquettes, various sausages and artisan breads."