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Sunday, January 16, 2022

Carnival 2022 fate to be decided on Monday

Comparsa group Los Rumberos from 2020

The announcement of the suspension of the Carnival in the street and the new dates of the contests and galas, from February 23 to the beginning of April, is expected

On January 28 the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife should begin with the presentation of candidates and the start of the first contests. However, the current health situation, which has led to the paralysis of the rehearsals, which prevents the groups from being ready for the scheduled dates, as well as the increasing number of COVID infections, which puts a stop to any type of show that is accompanied by thousands of attendees in closed venues, has put the capital city council in the position of having to "reorganize" the carnival calendar. 

Mayor of Santa Cruz, José Manuel Bermúdez, will address the Carnival 2022 schedule, and its alternatives, with the groups in a zoom meeting on Monday, 17 January. Under discussion will be how to formalize the suspension of the carnival on the street, given the the number of infections of COVID that have led Tenerife to level 4 of the restrictions.

During the meeting, both the mayor and councillor for fiestas will report on the new carnival calendar, which largely depends on a return to rehearsals. Since December 15, when Tenerife rose to level 3, the groups have been unable to rehearse, which means that most of the formations have only been able to prepare half of their repertoires for the carnival.

Among the plans that Fiestas will propose, is to delay the contests for more than a month and hold them on the dates when the street party would have been held.

Subject to agreement on the new schedule, Fiestas are working on the idea for the gala for the election of the queen to be the first event, possibly on February 23 - which means it would not suffer any variation from the initial forecast - and the rest of the contests would take place after that to give the groups more time. The delay of more than a month, if it is confirmed that in the first week of February the groups can return to the rehearsals, would make it easier for the murgas to continue with the format of a two-song contest.

Among other ideas is the possibility of postponing the carnival to April or even June, the latter following the precedent set by Cádiz, who have already moved their carnival to the 2nd-12th of that month. That there will be a delay in the dates of the chicharrera-party-par-excellence is a reality, so what remains to be decided is how much that delay will be.

In Santa Cruz, what seems clear is that there will be no carnival in the street. 

Talks have been continuing this week, when the meeting was announced for Monday 17, after which the new schedule of the Science Fiction Carnival will be made official.

Bermúdez abordará el lunes 17 y por 'zoom' el cronograma del Carnaval con los grupos | Santa Cruz anuncia el lunes la “reordenación” de fechas de un Carnaval