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Monday, January 31, 2022

Carnival 2222 poster for Carnival 2022

Carnival 2222

Santa Cruz de Tenerife Council have confirmed today the new official poster for Carnival 2022, titled 'Carnaval 2222', which is the creation of Tenerife rapper, Borja Jiménez Mérida, known by his stage name Bejo, chosen as the winner in the popular voting process. The winning poster received the support of 28.1% of the 10,077 votes cast.

After publicly congratulating the winner, the mayor of the city, José Manuel Bermúdez, highlighted "the enthusiasm and joy that this year's poster conveys and that invites us to have a future full of achievements" and, regarding the holding of the carnival in the streets pointed out that "with sanitary restrictions, it is not possible." "... hopefully in a few months the situation will change and that would be when we would think about the street."

The other nine works pre-selected by the jury for the final phase and the votes they received were the following: 'A near future' (538 votes); 'Love' (1600 votes); 'Let yourself be carried away by the dimension of Carnival' (317 votes); 'C-Arte-L del C-arnava-l: The art of the Carnival is in the street' (1,009 votes); 'Andromeda Carnival' (542 votes); 'Hello, Chicharrícolas' (603 votes); 'Carnival Invasion' (899 votes); 'Casquimia' (1,022 votes) and 'Abducted'22' (714 votes).