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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Controversy over Carnival Poster for 2022

Everything related to Santa Cruz Carnival 2022 is currently being complicated. The latest of the inconveniences, other than the risk of a total suspension if a venue cannot be found, has arisen with the advertising poster. On Sunday, the popular vote for the ten finalist works ended, in which apparently the poster entitled Carnival 2222 (right) was the most voted. However, the announcement has not been made because other authors have contested the vote.

The main reason for the challenge is that the winner was advertised on social networks and in the media, eliminating the factor of anonymity, and taking into account that it is by popular vote, that the author is recognized for his professional activity in another field, may have contributed to his followers voting en masse for his work. Until the appeals presented are resolved, the winner of the Carnival Poster will not be officially announced.

More details, however, have been released in several locations online, even announcing that the design by rapper Borja Jimenez Mérida (Tenerife, 1994), better known in entertainment circles as Bejo – a partner in artistic adventures with Don Patricio, is the creator of the most voted poster for the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife at the end of the period established by the organization, at midnight last Sunday. However, Fiestas will still have to resolve the appeal filed by other participants who question the selection process followed; in particular, that the creator's proposal, entitled Carnaval 2222, has been publicized on social networks, revealing his identity. The design achieved almost 40 percent of the votes, compared to sixty percent that is distributed the other nine. Bejo has 250,000 fans on Instagram.

The organization has decided to wait until Monday, January 31 to present the official poster for the next edition and not make the result of the vote public, while waiting to resolve the appeal filed by other participants about the process.

Having consulted the contest rules for the advertising poster, writes Humberto Gonar, the organization does not expressly state that authors are prohibited from requesting votes on social networks. Only the clause referring to the way in which the works must be presented, establishes that personal data must be presented in a sealed envelope. 

Other artists also publicized their works, such as Hugo Cebrián, author of «Near Future», or Filomena de Martino, who created «Carnaval Andrómeda 2022», which was also promoted by the previous winner of the poster contest of the Carnival 2021, Sandro Burcio.