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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Fiestas of San Sebastian 2022 in Adeje

Playa de la Enramada, Adeje Marc Ryckaert, CC BY-SA 4.0

The council of Adeje, through the Culture department, led by María Clavijo Maza, has informed the public that, given the current level of health alert, there will be no cultural or festive events: no blessing or presence of animals in Playa de la Enramada, on the occasion of the festival of San Sebastián, co-patron saint of the municipality. This year, like last year, only religious functions with limited capacity will be held. The main mass, which will be celebrated on Thursday, January 20 at 12 noon, will be broadcast via the council's social networks, as well as by the municipal radio station, Radio Sur Adeje 107.9 fm.

On Wednesday, February 19, mass will be held at eight in the evening and on Thursday the 20th, in addition to the central mass at twelve o'clock, two more homilies will take place, one at nine in the morning and another at six o'clock in the afternoon.