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Saturday, January 29, 2022

Gran puchero in La Florida

Serving the Gran puchero in the district of La Florida in La Orotava

The festivities in La Florida (La Orotava) are also famous in Tenerife, where the tradition of the giant puchero (stew) and the romería (pilgrimage) stand out. This pilgrimage in honor of San Antonio Abad and the Virgen de La Esperanza began to be celebrated in 1981.

This year however, the romería cannot take place and the stew will be cooked by the people of the district, but to be eaten at home, for the second year in a row, while the pandemic prevents the neighbourhood from celebrating one of its most popular events, which usually brings together thousands of people to savour the traditional Canarian dish.

The traditional stew is prepared by residents with vegetables planted and harvested by themselves and cooked over low heat with fires fuelled by dried broom from the Teide National Park. The event, declared a Festival of Tourist Interest of the Canary Islands in 2019, is organized by the San Antonio Abad Fiesta of Traditions Association, which this year has once again opted for this typical dish of Canarian cuisine to be cooked on Saturday, January 29. To do this, boxes with the ingredients were being distributed.

The last 'great' stew was held face-to-face in January 2020 and more than 5,000 portions were served to residents and visitors. On that occasion, about 70 large, stainless steel cauldrons weighing more than 125 kilos were needed to prepare the dish. The ingredients exceeded 4,000 kilos: 650 cabbages, 75 kilos of pineapples, 125 chickens, 700 potatoes and 60 kilos of sweet potatoes, more than 1,300 kilos of pumpkin, more than 1,000 kilos of chayotas (Chayote), 90 kilos of chickpeas, 70 kilos of beans and another of carrots, almost 1,000 kilos of bacon and ribs, 60 kilos of leeks, 25 kilos of garlic, 100 kilos of onion, 45 kilos of parsley, 75 kilos of bubangos (a species of courgette) and 250 kilos of gofio.

Once again it will be a festival without a cattle fair, without the dance and without a pilgrimage, but the neighbourhood will smell of stew on the last Saturday of the month.

El puchero de La Florida, en La Orotava, vuelve a cocinarse y comerse en casa