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Thursday, February 10, 2022

No Hunting Platform protest in Santa Cruz: "Hunting is not a sport nor a right"

Hunting dogs at a fiesta in Tenerife

The association demonstrated last Sunday in 40 cities in Spain to request the abolition of the activity due to the "mistreatment" suffered by animals

The Plataforma No a la Caza (No Hunting Platform) (NAC) went out on Sunday morning to the streets of Santa Cruz to make their fight against this activity visible. "Today hunting has no reason to be," said María Teresa García, coordinator of Tenerife and the platform's international NAC, who explained that these protests began "10-11 years ago with one at Puerta del Sol in Madrid by some people who saw the great abuse that there was between hunting dogs”. "It began by asking that the use of dogs in hunting be eliminated - she continued - since we are the only country in the EU that continues to use them, which does not make sense today, because they are no longer hunting for food.”

García argued that "a survey estimates that the majority of dogs that end up in shelters seriously injured or mistreated, about 70-75% come from the world of hunting." For this reason, since that protest at the Puerta del Sol in Madrid years ago, these protests have been held “on the first Sunday in February, when the hunting season ends. This year in 40 cities in Spanish territory and in 7 or 8 cities outside the country”, she pointed out.

In Santa Cruz, the protest, which included the participation of the Federación Canaria de Asociaciones Protectoras de Animales y Plantas (Canarian Federation of Associations for the Protection of Animals and Plants) (Fecacap), left from Plaza Weyler to the Cabildo, where a manifesto was read, according to María Teresa García.

In parallel, the platform carry out many other actions "in society, activities in schools and in institutions to raise awareness, to inform and ask for support". In addition, she added that the platform presented allegations related to the new Animal Protection Law "so that all dogs are included and that hunting dogs are not excluded, as they are the most mistreated."