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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Parliament asked again for the creation of an investigation into the Piedra de los Cochinos

Entrance to the gallery at Piedra de los Cochinos

Sergio Lourenso, a friend of the six people who died 15 years ago in the Piedra de Los Cochinos gallery, in the municipality of Los Silos, has again registered, last Friday, in Parliament a request to open an investigation commission in the Regional Chamber.

Parliament already admitted the proposal for processing in July 2017, there were two oral questions in committee and the request for intervention was even made in the applicant's Industry committee - with all the votes in favor except that of the Nationalist Group - but finally, due to the dissolution of the Chamber before the elections, there was no time. 

The subsequent outbreak of the pandemic also put aside the possibility of creating the investigation commission, which has almost 2,200 signatures in support.

The proponents say that 15 years later the reasons to promote it "are still valid", even more so when accidents and falls into wells continue to occur, with special emphasis on the island of Gran Canaria, where the Insular Water Council has admitted that there are hundreds of galleries and wells that are abandoned or their status is unknown.

The objective of the commission is to achieve "complete clarification" of what happened and to make recommendations and propose concrete actions to prevent a similar tragedy from repeating itself or in the event, "effective and respectful management" with the victims.

"From the beginning we have demanded truth, justice, reparation and forgiveness, and we continue to demand this with this initiative, addressed to a Parliament that has mostly turned its back on the victims throughout this time, and on an issue that we consider to be of general interest to the citizens of the Canary Islands, whom it represents", the request ends.