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Friday, February 18, 2022

Puerto de la Cruz International Carnival 2022

Puerto de la Cruz International Carnival 2022

Due to the health situation, the city proposes a showcase of its carnival for its visitors, taking advantage of the unbeatable outdoor facilities of the Costa Martiánez Complex

From March 2 to 6, Puerto de la Cruz and its Costa Martiánez Leisure Complex will once again put on their glitter to celebrate their International Carnival 2022. In this way, the city fulfils the commitment it has, not only with the Puerto de la Cruz carnival groups, but also with the carnival celebrations of Dusseldorf with which it celebrates fifty years of a twinning that has been so beneficial in terms of tourist promotion of Puerto de la Cruz in throughout Germany, the city's main tourist market. 

“It is an opportunity that Puerto de la Cruz cannot miss”, said Mayor Marco González. 

González thanked the groups for their presence at the presentation ceremony, where there was a representation of the choreographic group Moana, the troupe Carabao Guayana, troupe Son Bahía and Grupo Wild Dance, "who have shown an unwavering commitment to their carnival." The mayor also invited the creator of this year's poster, chosen by public vote, the young illustrator, Jonás Emanuel, from Puerto de la Cruz, to explain what Wannabe symbolizes, based on the mythical Spice Girls. Emanuel highlighted the importance of maintaining this carnival for what it means for all the creatives who work for the carnival.

With the attendance of many well-known faces of the Puerto de la Cruz carnival who wished to support the municipal commitment to maintain this edition of the carnival, the celebration of the famous 'Mascarita Ponte Tacón' (Men's High Heels Obstacle Race) was also announced for March 4 in a "reduced but most spectacular version where both the stage and the staging will delight the thousands of fans of this, the most unique obstacle course in heels and platforms, only attempted by the bravest and most intrepid carnival goers," said the Councilor for Fiestas Alberto Castilla. 

Meanwhile, the apotheosis of the carnival (Main Parade) will also take place at the facilities of the Lago Martiánez Tourist Complex on Sunday, March 6.

Castilla outlined shows such as the Nights of Carnival that the city is preparing with the invaluable collaboration of all the people of the carnival, "and especially the groups that have made a titanic effort to defend not only what is their space for work, but also for the history they share with this city”. Puerto de la Cruz artist, Wycho Torres, is "already preparing staging that offers the most ground-breaking essence of those who make the carnival and this show a unique spectacle that no one should miss".

Tickets for the performances that mark these five days of carnival will be on sale in the coming days through the carnival website www.carnavalpuertodelacruz.es and their capacity will depend on the health situation prescribed by the Government. In addition, events can be followed on the social networks of the City Council in a special virtual program.

Queen, King and Children's Throne

The galas that everyone expects - to elect both the queen and the king, as well as the children's throne of carnival - are postponed until the end of August and the beginning of September, with the expectation that in those months the health situation will be normalized. Even so, this March 2, along with the proclamation, the 7 adult candidates and the 4 for the children's throne will be presented, who will opt for the titles this summer. For this, the definitive dates of the Summer Carnival were also announced, which will be extended to host these events and will take place from August 25 to September 11.