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Saturday, February 05, 2022

Santa Cruz de Tenerife insists it has not given up on carnival in the street for June

Carnival revellers in the streets of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Mayor, José Manuel Bermúdez, and the councillor of Fiestas, Alfonso Cabello, say they haven't given up on dances if the pandemic allows it

The Carnival in the street begins to be something more than a mirage. The change of the dates to June by the Santa Cruz City Council and the first signs of exhaustion data from the sixth COVID wave, as well as the different opinions that the end of the pandemic is near, makes the option of having a party in the street is no longer advertised as almost impossible. The Councillor for Fiestas, Alfonso Cabello, acknowledged that it is something that they have not yet ruled out, although it continues to be difficult. “We are optimistic, if it is possible and progress is made in the evolution of the pandemic that allows us to organize on the street, we will organize it,” he said. The mayor insisted that this celebration has always been on the table, accompanied by the tagline "if sanitary conditions allow".

In fact, in the meetings that have been held with the various carnival groups so far, the option of suspension of carnival on the street has not yet been officially communicated. Mayor, José Manuel Bermúdez, at the presentation of the Carnival poster, insisted that “we are not ruling anything out." Hopefully, between now and June, the Government of Spain will declare the pandemic over. Only then would there be Carnival on the street. “We are talking about a Carnival designed for thousands of people to enjoy safely. Hopefully in a few months the situation my change and it would be then when we would think about the street,” he said.

The mayor also advanced that during those June dates the installation of the amusement fair will be authorised, "with limited capacity and complying with all health regulations." Bermúdez stressed they are decisions that "will help the economy of small businesses."

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria are also considering having a Carnival in the street on those dates. Mayor, Augusto Hidalgo, pointed out, in statements to Europa Press, that, although the 22 planned performances are maintained in February and March, if the sanitary conditions allow it, they would hold a carnival in the street, although trying not to coincide with that of Santa Cruz. "We could say that Las Palmas is also signing up for Carnival in June," the Santa Cruz Festival councillor replied ironically when asked about this announcement. "The only ones who have said that we are taking Carnival to June are us and I understand that this provokes reactions in other places," he added.

As for the venue, Cabello admitted that, although the Recinto Ferial is still the first option, "the truth is that we do not rule out anything, including the port area." Asked about this change of position after last week's announcement of giving up the Los Llanos Dock due to the Port's refusal to cede it for 60 days, the mayor pointed out that "my first option is still the Fairgrounds and we are working for that, in order to announce an agreement this week. We say that we are not giving up anything because, although the Port initially said no, now it has rethought it a bit, but our first option today is the Fairgrounds”, he insisted.

As for the dates, Cabello explained that on June 1 the Carnival will start with the presentation of the candidates for queens and that, from then on, "the various contests and galas will be celebrated with the splendour of all the groups”, whose members, he assured on several occasions, are “very excited and eager” to participate. 

“If, from March 15, Tenerife continues with the same restrictions due to the pandemic and rehearsals cannot be resumed, the rules will be changed and murgas will have to participate with a single song, which would mean sacrificing the final”, revealed Alfonso Cabello.

Santa Cruz se encomienda a la COVID y prepara para junio un Carnaval en la calle