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Saturday, February 05, 2022

Secret Tenerife Comes Of Age

Secret Tenerife has been online for 18 years

Incredibly, today marks the blogiversary of 18 years since the first post (now long since removed because the link it pointed to didn't have the same longevity) was published on Secret Tenerife on 5 February 2004. At that time I'd been living in Tenerife for almost 12 years and had translated and reported for most of the English language newspapers and magazines on the island. This blog, I felt therefore, was a natural progression. 

This year too marks 30 years since I first moved to Tenerife in 1992. Both significant anniversaries. And I reach a significant age this year also, where I'm becoming less inclined to continue toiling, so what is less clear is where the blog will go in the future.