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Sunday, February 13, 2022

The announcement of "normal" Fallas opens the way for Carnival in the street in June

From the carnival opening parade in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 2020

Valencia will be the first large city in Spain to recover its popular festivals, just as they were before the outbreak of the pandemic, given that this year's Fallas are planned without restrictions. This was revealed by the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, after meeting with the health authorities to address the celebration of said festivities in March.

This undoubtedly feeds the hope that the chicharreros will finally recover their Carnivals in the street in June, as has never been ruled out by the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council.

The fact that a Community such as Valencia, one of the hardest hit in the worst moments of COVID, opens the way to normality for popular celebrations of similar dimensions to the Capital's Carnivals, Pamplona's Sanfermines or the Seville Fair, supposes quite an epidemiological accolade, justified in a sixth downward wave and having a very advanced vaccination of the third dose, as in the Canary Islands.