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Saturday, February 26, 2022

The Night of the Comparsas

Comparsa Los Cariocas 2019

In a normal year, when there was no pandemic to contend with, the first Saturday night of carnival in Santa Cruz would host the comparsa dance troupes' Rhythm and Harmony, part show, part parade and part contest. This year, of course, it hasn't been possible to hold such events this month and carnival is to be held in June, when it's hoped that the Rhythm and Harmony Contest will be the finale of the carnival on Sunday, 26 June.

Meanwhile, here is the recording of the program, La Noche de las Comparsas (The Night of the Comparsas), part of the Virtual Carnival Program 2021, at which "Quimbara", by Tropicana, was chosen as the best performance of recent years.