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Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Santa Cruz takes to the streets with more than 200 activities until December

Santa Cruz sign by the Plaza de España

It is the most ambitious revitalisation schedule in the history of Santa Cruz. At least that is how the mayor of the capital, José Manuel Bermúdez, defined it in the presentation of the more than 200 activities to be organized in the streets of the municipality until December.

Santa Cruz Puro Corazón (Santa Cruz Pure Heart), includes sports activities, theatrical performances, concerts, festivals and dances, with more than nine million euros being invested in their development. The first of these popular dances in Tenerife, after the pandemic, will take place on April 23 at El Tablero with the Tropin orchestra

“From now until December we will have a succession of events that will have two main objectives, which are to recover joy, perhaps the most important, and a policy to stimulate consumption that helps to recover employment and generate new opportunities”. The calendar will have 32 consecutive weekends of activities, including Easter, May Festivities and Carnival, "with an economic impact on the city of 50 million euros, 25 from Carnival and 25 more from the other events", and a target audience of one million,” said Bermúdez.


Among these more than 200 activities is the celebration of LGTBI Pride with a festival that will bring to Santa Cruz renowned artists, according to the Councillor for Culture, Gladis de León. This is the Pride Festival (known as ARN and which was organized in Adeje until before the pandemic), in June, to which a second LGTBI-themed musical event, the Pink Festival, will be added at the end of the year. Both will be held on Anaga Avenue. 

In the month of May, the Santa Cruz Pure Heart program includes, in addition to the founding festivities of the city, the inauguration of the La Gesta playground, Bicycle Day or Canarias Primavera Live in the Palmetum car park. In that same place, in July, the Melendi concert will take place, and opposite, at the Recinto Ferial, Alejandro Fernández will perform.

In the month of August, an orchestra festival will be held in addition to most of the patron saint festivities, to resume the Vive la Rambla celebration in September, together with the Ven a Santa Cruz (Come to Santa Cruz) initiative, which will be similar to the weekend format developed in Imeldo Serís, moving through different environments, than what was there before the pandemic.

October will get off to a strong start, with the celebration of Plenilunio (Full Moon festival), whose scheduled date of celebration will be the 1st. That same month Halloween will also be celebrated with activities in the street and the Casa del Carnaval. The following month the Clownbaret Festival will once again fill the streets with activity, together with the Isla Calavera Fantastic Film Festival.

Santa Cruz will end the year with workshops and parades on December weekends running up to Christmas, and with an International Indie-Electronic Music Festival. In the sports area there will be numerous events and competitions that will take place in the capital, from the final of the European water polo league, this month, routes through Anaga, to the recovery of the Santa Cruz Extreme.