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Thursday, April 21, 2022

Static Romería of San Marcos in Tegueste

Romería de San Marcos Evangelista in Tegueste 2019

Tegueste will not be able to celebrate its Romería de Tegueste pilgrimage in honor of San Marcos Evangelista (Mark the Evangelist), in its usual format, due to take place on Sunday, 24 April 2022, one of the most important in Tenerife, for the third consecutive year. The pandemic and the health regulations of the Government of the Canary Islands force the City Council to once again opt for other activities that replace the traditional celebration.

The mayor of Tegueste, Ana Mena, explained that there will be "a static pilgrimage with carts, which will be placed on a route that people can visit." The objective is to continue with the tradition of the carters, whose artisanal work begins months in advance. "The carters have become enthusiastic and we cannot lose the custom and tradition," she pointed out.

Mena has admitted that a pilgrimage "as such cannot be because it is very crowded and I think we are not yet in the best conditions." "In larger municipalities, where you can disperse the celebrations, it may work out, but ours is smaller and more difficult to control," she explained.

She trusts that 2023 will be the year to recover the pilgrimage normally: "We always say next year, and I hope that the next one will smell of festive meat [barbequing on the carts]".

The pilgrimage of San Marcos in Tegueste, normally, gathers thousands of revellers to accompany the carts, boats, folk groups from all the islands, herds of cattle, yoke of oxen; dances and herdsmen participate, which are accompanied by a large audience dressed in the typical costume. This pilgrimage is one of the most important gatherings of Canarian culture in the Archipelago, this year it celebrates its 54th edition.