Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Santa Cruz Carnival Queen's Gala will use the innovative CuePilot production system

From the Carnival Queen Gala in 2018

The Gala for the election of the Carnival Queen will be held this year (June 10) with a new system, called CuePilot, a program with which hundreds of hours of live television have already been made around the world. CuePilot has been used in all of television's biggest formats, from Eurovision to The Voice, X Factor and American Idol, to award shows like the MTV Video Music Awards. Opening ceremonies for large-scale events like League of Legends also use CuePilot to perfect their live performances.

Councillor for Festivities of the Santa Cruz City Council, Alfonso Cabello, was enthusiastic when the artistic direction proposed the use of this technology since, he assured, “it allows the retransmission of the Gala to be positioned at the level that the best Carnival in the world deserves, as a very attractive show not only for those who are enjoying it live, but also for those who watch it from anywhere in the world on their television”.

The program is a tool that allows you to display live performances as accurately as an edited music video. It makes it possible to create a scene guide and be creative in planning camera coverage and special effects during pre-production of the show. This will mean that there will be a very focused planning to "highlight the meticulous work carried out by the designers with the candidates, the colours of the participants' costumes, or cause specific effects at a certain moment that contribute to the narrative of the show", assures the artistic director of the Gala, Enrique Camacho. Lighting and content teams can collaborate and visualize planned camera coverage in preview software.

CuePilot was founded in 2005. It designs and manufactures innovative software and hardware for use in high-end professional broadcasts. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, it was conceived by acclaimed director Per Zachariassen in response to the need for accuracy and consistency in live broadcasts, while reducing costly rehearsal time.