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Wednesday, May 04, 2022

The Isla Tenerife Historic Rally is underway

After the success of Club Rallyten Sport in organizing an event that counted for the Spanish Historic Vehicle Rally Championship (CERVH) last October, this season the the go-ahead has been given for the Orvecame Isla Tenerife Rally to be the third event of the national contest. Thus, the island rally this year is divided into two dates with the Isla Tenerife Rally taking place in October and on May 6 and 7, the Rally for historic vehicles.

The historic rally will develop over three days, one of them of competition. On Thursday, May 5, there will be the opening of the office, delivery of documentation and administrative verifications; Friday 6, starting at noon technical and administrative checks, and departure ceremony. Saturday, 7 May 2022 will be the day of competition with a 389 km rally route, of which 101 correspond to nine timed sections. Sections loaded with history in Tenerife motorsport have been chosen, mixing short and long versions.

The nine sections will be: "Arico" 8,600 km in an ascending direction; "Atogo north-south" 6,520 km; "Frontón-Granadilla" (La Martela) with 18,235 km. After a regrouping at the Hinojeros Sports Pavilion in Granadilla de Abona, and subsequent remote assistance at the SIEC in San Isidro, the teams will complete the same sections again but this time in the order "Atogo", "Frontón-Granadilla " and "Arico" to finish the second section of the rally in the municipality of Candelaria at noon on Saturday with the second regrouping.

From the Plaza de la Basílica de Candelaria, the participants will return to the capital of Santa Cruz, and after passing through the service park, they will face the third and last section of the rally, a loop in 3x1 format with the "Los Loros" sections of 11.972 km ; "Fasnia" 16,210 km north-south direction; and "Cuesta de Las Tablas" of 7,045 km. The distances, due to regulatory requirements, have been made to the meter.

The event will start and finish in the outskirts of the Plaza de España in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and will have the support of the Orvecame-Cicar Group, the Tenerife Island Council and the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council.

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