Saturday, June 18, 2022

Comparsas Contest tonight in Santa Cruz

Concurso de comparsas
del Carnaval 2019
The Comparsas Contest takes place at the Tenerife International Centre for Trade Fairs and Congresses on Saturday, June 18 at 9:00 p.m., to see which of them wins the interpretation and presentation awards of Carnival 2022. 

The comparsa groups epitomise the spirit of carnival with all they impart in their 'colour, joy and rhythm with exuberant costumes.' There are nine comparsa groups competing in order:
  1. Tropicana
  2. Valleiros
  3. Cariocas
  4. Río Orinoco
  5. Rumberos
  6. Abenaura
  7. Danzarines Canarios
  8. Tabajaras
  9. Bahía Bahitiare
All of them will have ten minutes to present their numbers.

The interpretation jury will include Juan Antonio Rangel Tejera, musical director of ACM Princesa Yaiza; Saray Rojas Talavera, Professor of Music at the Güímar Municipal School of Music and at the Official Hispanic-English Music Conservatory; Manoly Triviño Alonso, teacher of the municipal choir of white voices of the City Council of Santa Cruz; Pedro Acevedo, singer and composer; Virginia de León Curbelo, dancer, choreographer and director of artistic events; Cristofer Fernández Arteaga, international dancer and choreographer, organizer of the Tenerife Latin Festival, dance teacher and head of studies at the MM Danza school; Patricia Dávila Ventura, choreographer, dance school director and dancer; Alexis Fernández Fleischer, choreographer, professional dancer and dance teacher at Ritmania Fame Academy and Bailart.

For the presentation section, Ruth Pérez Ruiz, a graduate in Fine Arts and professor of Fashion Design at the Fernando Estévez School of Art and Superior Design, will judge; Sandra de La Rosa Pérez, Bachelor of Fine Arts specializing in Design; and Teresa Hernández Quesada, textile technician and garment maker.

Notable absense this year are Los Joroperos, although indications are that they plan to take part in Carnival 2023 and aim to return to rehearsals after the end of the summer.

Comparsa Abenaura, are a new comparsa for chicharrero carnival, the initiative of six people including Domingo García Galván, who began dancing in Cariocas in 2000, and has been a choreographer, first with Valleiros, later with Brasileiros. They were the first to present their costume for the 2022 Carnival, which you can get a sneak peek at here.

Some carnival events can be followed online via CarnavalTVC.