Sunday, June 12, 2022

Gala Election of the Senior Carnival Queen

Antonia Garrido Francés, Senior Carnival Queen 2019

Sunday, June 12, starting at 5:00 p.m., in the Tenerife International Centre for Trade Fairs and Congresses (Recinto Ferial) the Gala for this year's Senior Carnival Queen will be held. 

  1. Francisca Navarro Mendoza, representing Turismo de Arona, with the costume "En Otra Piel" (In another skin), by David Afonso; 
  2. María Magdalena Hernández Toste, with the design "Volver" (Return) designed by the Nira Carnival Cultural Association, representing the City Council of Los Realejos
  3. Juana Pérez Sánchez, with a design by Alexis Santana Rodríguez called "Mi Gran Debilidad" (My Great Weakness), to represent the Santa Úrsula Open Commercial Zone; 
  4. Ángeles Ramos Díaz, with the costume "Rafaella", designed by Antonio Santos to represent El Corte Mágico, Solar Canarias Self-sustainable and the Tacoronte City Council; 
  5. Candelaria Goya Goya who will wear the design called "Bienvenidos al Paraíso" (Welcome to Paradise), designed by David Hernández, on behalf of the El Sauzal City Council;
  6. Evelina de la Fuente, representing the City Council of Granadilla with a Santi Castro design, "J'Aime Paris" (I Love Paris); 
  7. Carmen Rosa Martín will represent the City Council of the Villa de Arico with the fantasy "La Estrella que Mas Brilla" (The Brightest Star) designed by David Hernández;
  8. María del Carmen Ramos Quintero on behalf of the Centre for Alternative Therapies Oroterapias and a costume called "Rozando el Cielo" (Touching the sky), designed by Alfonso Baute
The event is also a showcase for the various senior groups, to appear in the following order: