Friday, June 10, 2022

Gala for the Election of the Carnival Queen

The eleven candidates for Carnival Queen at the Inauguration Gala

Today, Friday, June 10 at 9:30 p.m. the long-awaited Gala Election of the Carnival Queen takes place at the Tenerife International Centre for Trade Fairs and Congresses in Santa Cruz. The event will be televised by La 2 and Canal Internacional, as well as on the RTVE and RTVC websites and most probably via CarnavalTVC YouTube channel.

This year, the public will have a lot to say about who will be the Queen of the Santa Cruz Carnival. Although there will be two tables, one of experts, with Agatha Ruíz de la Prada, fashion designer; Elvira Piedra Vera, illustrator and promoter of culture and art history; Carlos Santos, set designer for Carnival 2022; María Eizaguirre, director of communication of TVE; Sofía Nieto and Arantxa Rodrigalvarez, creators of the Carmen17 brand; and Patricia Hodgson, a fine arts graduate, painter, and curator. The second table, of guests, will be made up of Marta González de Vega, screenwriter and actress; Emma Lira, author of 'Find me where dragon trees are born' and journalist for National Geographic; Emilia González, presenter of Canarian Television; Yoné Rivero, senior manager of BMG Iberia; Conchita, singer and songwriter and Pablo Cebrián, music producer and songwriter.

Acting as secretary will be María Vidal Conesa and Beatriz Cabello Mestres as notary. Representing the designers of the carnival, with a voice but without a vote, will be Fran Romero and Antonio Santos.

The jury of the Santa Cruz Carnival Queen Gala will initially decide the eight finalists, on which the public will be able to cast their vote. The eight finalists will parade - without the spectators, both at the Recinto Ferial or at home, knowing which is the most or least voted - but the scores will finally be added after the public's decision. 

  1. Maite Gutiérrez Febles, with the design, "Mi Vida. Mi Sueño. Euforia" (My Life. My dream. Euforia), by the designers Caví Lladó and representing Cortes y Pliegues Tenerife, Folder Papelería and Almacenes Casa Ángel; 
  2. Jesica Fajardo Plasencia, with "Besar La Libertad" (Kiss Freedom) from RP Designers on behalf of Grúas Torre Fajardo and Bodytime gym; 
  3. Jennifer María García García, representing Malidente SLU, with the costume "Volver a Soñar" (To Dream Again), designed by Asociación Nira; 
  4. Amanda Quintero Lugo with "Vestida de Sol" (Bathed in Sun) by Tin Quintero, representing Las Pirámides Hardware Store and Castro Delgado Hardware Store; 
  5. Tania Pérez de la Rosa, representing El Gusto Por el Vino and Dormitorum S.L. with the design "La Monarca" (The Monarch) by Juan Carlos Armas; 
  6. Marta González Pérez, who will represent McDonald's and newspaper El Día-La Opinión de Tenerife, with a design by Daniel Pages called "El Cielo de Fondo" (The Sky in the Background).
  7. Noelia Adriana Veiga Díaz, with the costume "Victoria", by Jonathan Suárez and representing Gabinete de Estética Africa and Victoria and Kiosko La Constitución. Noelia Veiga is the the first trans candidate for the queen.
  8. Naomi Álvarez Fajardo, representing Fuentealta bottled water brand with the design "Estrella" (Star), by Jorge González Santana; 
  9. Idayra Borges Tena, representing Tecnocasa with Alexis Santana Rodríguez's design, "Paraíso" (Paradise); 
  10. Yanira Morales Plasencia, who will represent Alcampo La Laguna Shopping Centre with the costume by Sedomir, "Junto a Mi" (Together with Me); 
  11. Ruth González Martín, who will wear the design by Santi Castro entitled "¡¡Mírame!!" (Look At Me), representing the Añaza Carrefour Shopping Centre
Chanel, guest artist at the Carnival Queen Election Gala

It can now be confirmed that Chanel - who represented Spain at Eurovision in Turin - will be the guest artist at the 2022 Carnival Queen Election Gala. The Catalan artist arrived on the island on Tuesday and has already rehearsed with her dance team at the venue. The star of the gala will wear a design by Leo Martínez and is working on a carnival version of SloMo.