Monday, June 27, 2022

Provisional Tenerife Carnival Program 2023

Carnival in the streets of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The good thing about an atypical Carnival in June is that you have to wait less time for the party to start again, once more on its usual dates in February. The Autonomous Organization of Festivities and Recreational Activities (Oafar) of the capital city council, for the moment, intends to recover the usual structure of the program after the shake-up they gave to the order of events this summer.

The events of Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival 2023 will start on Friday, January 20 and will conclude on February 26 with Piñata Sunday. In between, will be more than five weeks of parties between contests and carnival in the street in what will be the definitive return of carnivals after the pandemic.

All of these events are subject to official confirmation or change

Inauguration and Carnival Contests:
  • Friday, 20 January: Inauguration of Carnival 2023
  • Thursday, 26 January: 1st Phase of the Junior Murgas Contest
  • Friday, 27 January: 2nd Phase of the Junior Murgas Contest
  • Saturday, 28 January: 3rd Phase of the Junior Murgas Contest
  • Sunday, 29 January: Festival of Choreographed Groups
  • Monday, 30 January: 1st Phase of the Adult Murga Contest
  • Tuesday, 31 January: 2nd Phase of the Adult Murga Contest
  • Wednesday, 1 February: 3rd Phase of the Adult Murga Contest
  • Friday, 3 February: Final of the Adult Murgas Contest
  • Saturday, 4 February: Contest of Musical Groups
  • Sunday, 5 February: Gala Election of the Junior Carnival Queen
  • Wednesday, 8 February: Gala Election of the Senior Carnaval Queen
  • Thursday, 9 February: Comedy Song Contest
  • Saturday, 11 February: Comparsas Contest
  • Sunday, 12 February: Costume Contest and the Rondallas Contest
  • Tuesday, 14 February: Concert with lyrical group Los Fregolinos
  • Wednesday, 15 February: Gala Election of the Carnival Queen
Carnival in the Street:
  • Friday, 17 February: Opening Parade
  • Saturday, 18 February: Rhythm and Harmony Comparsas
  • Sunday, 19 February: Daytime Carnival
  • Monday, 20 February: Carnaval Monday
  • Shrove Tuesday, 21 February: Carnival Main Parade
  • Wednesday, 22 February: Burial of the Sardine
  • Thursday, 23 February: Festival of the Rondallas
  • Friday, 24 February: Children's Carnival Parade
  • Saturday, 25 February: Daytime Carnival
  • Sunday, 26 February: Exhibition and parade of vintage cars, end of carnival party and carnival closes with a firework display
There is also due to be a Junior King of Carnival in Santa Cruz for the first time in 2023, but we don't yet have any details when that is likely to take place.

It has been said that Carnival 2023 would be "one of the earliest celebrated in history", but carnival in 2024 will be over a week earlier with Shrove Tuesday falling on 13 February; even earlier in 2027, on 9 Feb. The earliest that carnival has taken place was in 2008, when Shrove Tuesday fell on 5 Feb.