Friday, July 15, 2022

Another festive Sunday in La Laguna with the extraordinary procession of San Benito Abad

San Benito Abad at the Romería in his honour 10 July 2022

The revered image will visit the San Diego neighbourhood and Casa el Ganadero

As a novelty because of the 75th Anniversary this year, on Sunday the 17th, the eighth day of the Pilgrimage, the image of San Benito will come out in an extraordinary procession, visiting the San Diego neighbourhood and the Livestock Fair, where the cattle will be blessed. The entourage will be accompanied by ceremonial dances, the drumbeat of the tajaraste, and a boat.

The start of the procession will be at 12:00, with the musical accompaniment of the ceremonial dances of Tenerife. It will run along Avenida Lucas Vegas, Albert Einstein, extension of Embajador Alberto de Armas avenue, Camino Fuente Cañizares, to Avenida San Diego, with a reception at the Casa del Ganadero to carry out the Blessing of the Livestock.

Next, it will continue along Avenida San Diego, onto the Camino de la Cruz and, upon reaching the cross that gives its name to the path, there will be a symbolic Great Release of Pigeons in honor of the saint. Continuing along the Camino de la Cruz, at the corner of this path the wheat fields will be blessed as in the past, and when reaching the Plaza of the San Diego Citizen Centre, received with the Song of the Folías, as a way of welcoming and thanking the residents of the San Diego neighbourhood for such a historic visit. 

The image will return to his church through Las Gavias, where he will also be received with the Canto de las Folías and entertainment for the entourage, continuing the procession back to the Avenida Lucas Vegas and Plaza de San Benito, concluding around 3:00 p.m.