Thursday, July 14, 2022

Noche de Los Burros (Night of the Donkeys)

The City of the Adelantados celebrates today the Night of the Donkeys

The city of La Laguna hosts today, Thursday, July 14, starting at 7:00 p.m., its traditional Noche de los Burros (Night of the Donkeys), an event dedicated to this animal that in past times was fundamental in agricultural tasks and transportation and that constitutes one of the the most anticipated events, especially by the children, within the Festivities in honour of San Benito Abad.

The Romería de los Burros (Pilgrimage of the Donkeys), as this parade is also known, in which more than 40 donkeys, mules and ponies from different parts of Tenerife will participate, will start from the Plaza del Adelantado to the Plaza de San Benito and will be accompanied by a fanfare and various folk groups. 

It is organised by the Livestock Association of Tenerife (AGATE) with the collaboration of La Laguna Council through the Department of Fiestas.