Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Romería Regional of San Benito Abad 2022

On Sunday 10 July - always the second Sunday of the said month - the Romería Regional de San Benito Abad takes place in La Laguna. This is the only Romería that is denominated Regional and is declared of tourist interest, so is one of the most important and is considered as the most representative of the Canary Islands. It is held in honour of San Benito Abad (St. Benedict of Nursia), the patron saint of farmers of Tenerife. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Pilgrimage.

The 75th edition of the Regional Pilgrimage of San Benito Abad will premiere, on July 10, a remodelled route, which "is similar because it runs through the historic streets of the municipality, but we reduce the turns with both the beginning and the end at the Church of San Benito, Pl. San Benito, 1, 38202 La Laguna

The San Benito Abad 2022 festivities are already underway: The program officially started on Thursday, 30 June, with the reading of the proclamation. The program of events for one of the major events on the Laguna festival calendar, in which there are around thirty popular events that will last until July 17.

Religious events and activities of a cultural, recreational, folklore, gastronomic and livestock nature will take place, without forgetting sports events and events especially for children. Outstanding items include the election gala for the Romera Mayor de las Fiestas (July 2), the fourth Pedro Molina Memorial (on the 5th, with a recognition of traditional trades and a tribute to Pepe Rojas), or the Ocho Islands Festival (on the 9th, with artists representing all the islands of the Archipelago). The traditional country dance will be held on the evening of Friday, July 8, which in a few hours sold out the reservations for the 450 tables. 

On the big day of the festivities, Sunday the 10th, the Regional Pilgrimage changes its route, due to the works on San Agustín street. The delegation will leave at noon from the hermitage of San Benito, through Marqués de Celada streets, Doctor Olivera square, and Herradores, Viana, Obispo Rey Redondo and Adelantado streets, returning through Marqués de Celada to the starting point.

As a novelty, on Sunday the 17th, the image of San Benito will make an extraordinary procession, visiting the San Diego neighbourhood and the Livestock Fair, where the cattle will be blessed. The entourage will be accompanied by ceremonial dances, the drumbeat of the tajaraste, and a boat.

One more year, the Contest of balconies and windows, organized by the Association of Neighbours of the Town, will have the collaboration of the Department of Festivities, which will provide decorative elements and decoration material for people who want to participate.

Alongside, a Ruta de la Tapa returns to La Laguna for the Fiestas de San Benito with 40 gastronomic proposals. The XIV edition recovers its usual date after the pandemic and maintains prices of 3.50 euros per cover and drink.