Saturday, August 06, 2022

Santa Cruz Council begins preparations for the contents and events of 2023 Carnival

Murgas Infantiles - Carnaval 2022

Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council has begun preparations for Carnival 2023 through a first round of meetings with the various Carnival groups.

The main aspect dealt with was the maximum duration on stage of each group and the number of songs to be performed, aspects that in the 2022 Carnival competitions experienced most modification compared to previous editions, due to the shortening of rehearsal times because of the health restrictions.

After the successive meetings, it has been agreed that the Musical Groups will be on stage for a total of 20 minutes in which they will participate with their parade, two songs and the farewell. For their part, the Rondallas will act for a total of 25 minutes, standing still between pieces, with three songs in competition and the option of a parade. The comparsas will participate with a 15-minute repertoire. 

The details of the Rhythm and Harmony contest will be agreed in future meetings.

In the case of the critical groups of the carnival, the children's murgas will act with a theme, parade and farewell with a duration of 20 minutes. The adult murgas will have 2 themes, a parade and a farewell in phase and a theme in the final.

Throughout September, the meetings with all the groups linked to the Carnival will be resumed, to conclude the rest of the organizational aspects concerning the various contests that will begin in the last week of next January.