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Documentary Teno: Man and Nature

In the Teno Mountains

Documentary, Teno: Hombre y Naturaleza (Teno: Man and Nature) has been well received by those who attended it's premiere at the Cine Victor in Santa Cruz.

The production has been sponsored by the Tenerife Cabildo (Island Corporation) departments of the Environment and Landscape and their counterparts in the Canarian Government, with collaboration from town halls and museums.

Councillor for the Environment and Landscape, Wladimiro Rodríguez, voiced his satisfaction with the high quality of the film and hopes that it will be given a similar welcome by the public at national level. The documentary is to be broadcast by various national channels and at international festivals and, will soon be shown at various points around the Teno Rural Park. The object of the promoters is to get as much coverage as possible so that the public can get to know the importance of this national cultural treasure, that has been marginalized for many years.

The film is a reminder that it is well worth fighting to defend this inheritance and the need to leave it to the next generation in the same state we received it. The documentary aims to pay homage to all the efforts and sacrifices of successive generations of men and women who have lived and worked, morning to night, in such difficult and remote conditions.

The 50 minute documentary, filmed in Super 16 mm cinematographic format, is the result of two years of intensive work by production company, Alascine. Many of the images show the great difficulty it was to capture them in an enclave characterized by a non-uniform geography and almost permanent fog. Others expose the natural predisposition of the villagers to pose before the camera and to recount their experiences, bringing the cultural inheritance to present and coming generations before it vanishes forever. Watch it below.

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