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Fiestas and large gatherings are still prohibited with social distancing and other restrictions still in force. Events listed here, therefore, are subject to cancellation or change and we will update, when and if any new information is made available.

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Thursday, May 06, 2021

Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival 1996

Nayra Plasencia Jorge, Carnival Queen in Santa Cruz de Tenerife 1996

1996 Carnival Poster
Carnival Queen in Santa Cruz in 1996 was Nayra Plasencia Jorge, in a costume entitled "Ra", designed by Justo Gutiérrez and representing Almacenes El Kilo.

In 1996, the court was made up as follows:

  1. 1st Maid of Honour: Raquel Bedoya González, with a costume entitled "Mundos de cristal" (Crystal Worlds), representing Swarovski Ibérica and designed by Marcos Marrero and María Díaz.
  2. 2nd Maid of Honour: Noemi Marrero García, with a costume entitled “Yo soy la María” (I am the Maria), representing Cerveza Sol and designed by Juan Carlos Armas.
  3. 3rd Maid of Honour: Raquel Pérez Franquis, with a costume entitled "Entre el cielo y la tierra" (Between the sky and the earth), representing Círculo de Amistad XII de Enero and designed by José Julio Rodríguez and Juan Fajardo.
  4. 4th Maid of Honour: Sandra Sosa Borges, with a costume entitled “Realidad virtual” (Virtual Reality), representing Centro Comercial Alcampo - La Laguna and designed by Leo Martínez.
The theme of carnival in 1996 was Mexico. The set evoked a neighbourhood in Mexico, with characters that depicted stereotypical, negative portrayals of Mexicans as "drunk, lazy and violent". The Mexican Consul was in attendance, and it was broadcast in America by Galavision and in Spain by Telecinco. The show nearly created a diplomatic incident: Televisa closed its office in Tenerife, which was owned by Canal 7 del Atlántico (ECO Noticias). Its highlight was a performance by Enrique Iglesias.

Recinto Ferial by Koppchen / CC BY
The year 1996 was the first that the  contests were held at the Centro Internacional de Ferias y Congresos de Tenerife (The Tenerife International Centre for Trade Fairs and Congresses), opened that year, designed by architect and engineer Santiago Calatrava (also responsible for the Auditorio de Tenerife).

The stage was located at one end of the building, and the candidates had to cross a walkway from the other end of the building to reach it. A miscalculation in the construction of the walkway required a small ramp to be placed so that there would not be a step between the walkway and the stage; The result was that the candidates needed help to access the stage after crossing the catwalk, because due to the weight and volume of the costumes, they could not climb that small ramp, which caused many problems.

Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Goodbye to the port of the North

Depiction of the eruption of 1706

The eruption of the Garachico or Arenas Negras volcano on May 5, 1706 was the volcanic phenomenon with the greatest economic and social impact that occurred on the island of Tenerife, which devastated El Tanque and part of the town and port of Garachico. It affected houses, palaces, convents, and even the church of Santa Ana, but the municipality's greatest source of wealth, its port, was razed and buried by lava flows, profoundly changing the socio-economic development of the region and of the island of Tenerife. 

With the ship still moored to the Garachico dock, Manuel said goodbye to Carmita and their little daughter. He was still worried about the tremors and shaking he felt that night but the tasks of stowing the ship took that disturbing thought out of his head.

He jumped up on the board that led him to the brig "William & Mary", chartered, as always, by Gilbert Smith, the Irish merchant who bought all the Malvasia produced from Garachico to Punta de Teno. Smith lived in El Guincho and was a very dear person because it was not known how he always needed to buy more and more wines that he sent to London and other ports in Europe.

Many of those vineyards belonged to several of Juan's cousins ​​and some of his friends who did not even understand the English language that Manuel learned on each trip and with which he hesitated so much. But he was always happy knowing that he helped everyone by selling it and supporting many families in the area.

In addition, this particular trip made him very excited because the Irishman allowed him to bring new belongings for his new house. He had already thought of a sideboard, a large bed, and beautiful satin curtains. That and some little surprise for Carmita, of which she did not know anything.

Manuel was making his second trip of the year to London that day and it mattered little to him that Spain was at war because he had already emerged victorious from a privateer brawl. Brave and proud he said goodbye from the dock of the small cove that sheltered them from the impetuous sea of ​​the north of Tenerife.

Half an hour later the ship left the dock and a roar was heard that alerted all the crew. Even more so when some stones were detached from the cliffs near the pier and hit the sea.

In view of the threat, Captain Barkin ordered all the sails to be deployed and the William & Mary headed north out of the waves that beat at the mouth of the dock.

Manuel remembered again the night tremor and the roar of the mountain. Restless and with a cold sweat he toiled with the rigging that that afternoon gave him a lot of trouble. Thinking of his daughter and the new crib he was planning to bring, he continued for a couple of hours struggling with the rigging.

Two hours later, with the island still on the horizon, thunder was heard that alerted everyone, who ran towards the stern of the ship. It came from the island and after the thunderous noise they saw the red glow that illuminated the profile of the island. Then more explosions and red and yellow tongues that illuminated Garachico.

Manuel and other crew members asked Captain Barkin to return to see what was happening. The Irishman refused and after a brawl, his official ordered north, arguing that it was fireworks.

Hours later the red light went out on the horizon. Manuel did not sleep wondering what those noises and explosions could be. On that trip he did not sleep and nightmares haunted him. Despite them he arrived in London and bought what was promised for his family.

He did not know then that in Garachico there was no longer a house or family, which he only understood three months later when he returned to the island.

Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Town Hall of El Tanque

Town Hall of El Tanque

Av. Príncipes de España, 24, 38435 El Tanque, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Phone: +34 922 13 67 15

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Traditional Fiestas in El Tanque

Monday, May 03, 2021

The flower crosses will return to the Rambla de Santa Cruz on May 3

Flower cross on the Rambla de Santa Cruz 2019

After a year of celebrations on the balconies, digital encounters and the absence of any type of public celebration, Santa Cruz City Council wants to return the city to some post-COVID normality with the Fiestas de Mayo (May Festivities). For this, some of the more traditional celebrations such as the Flower and Plant Fair or the flower crosses in the Rambla de Santa Cruz will be recovered. The latter will appear again from the surroundings of the bullring and up to the Paseo de las Tinajas. The crosses will be exhibited about 25 meters apart and with a signposted route so that they can be visited in an orderly manner. 

The Flowers and Plants fair, along with activities related to crafts and gastronomy, will take place at the Tenerife International Centre for Trade Fairs and Congresses, rather than the García Sanabria park to allow for "visitor management". 

Sunday, May 02, 2021

Firework battle returns to the May Festivities in Los Realejos, reframed as an offering

May festivities return to Los Realejos

"This year it will be a draw", joked the mayor, Manuel Domínguez on Friday, announcing that this year the Los Realejos sky will once again be lit by the traditional battle between the streets of El Sol and El Medio, but converted to a "firework offering". The mayor confirmed that this event, suspended in 2020, will resume but without a procession and starting at 11:00 p.m., coinciding with the curfew to avoid crowds gathering in the streets.

Those who wish to enjoy this show, as well as the enrame (decoration) of the crosses inside the houses and chapels, which again takes centre stage but without visits inside, both in La Cruz Santa as in the rest of the municipality, and the three Eucharists scheduled on the 2nd at 09.30, 10.30 and 19.00, will be able to do so via streaming through the City Council's social networks. (Facebook (Fiestas) | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube)

The website of the festivities, with photos, geolocation, 360º view, also allows private participation by those decorating crosses, being able to upload their own images.

On the Día de la Cruz (Day of the Cross), May 3, a local holiday in the municipality, the streets of El Sol and El Medio Arriba, in the area of ​​Realejo Alto, will once again be given prominence, roads already decorated by the respective festive commissions, which will also show the best floral art in their chapels. The Eucharist in honor of the Holy Cross from the parent parish of the Apostle Santiago will be at 11:30 am and will also be streamed online.

These details were offered by the mayor and the party councillor, José David Cabrera, during the presentation of the May Festival program at the Casa de la Cultura. 


One of the novelties of this edition is that the Plaza de Viera y Clavijo will be enabled as a cultural venue with limited capacity for most of the activities, which will have a "solidarity box office", the proceeds of which will go to the municipal Food Bank.

This is the case of the Acorán festival, the Los Cantaores concert, the +30 Mayos exhibition, by the photographer Isidro Felipe Acosta, the Guayacsanta festival, the performance of Abubukaka, the Canary Islands Day Concert, among others. Tickets can be purchased through www.tickety.es. (However, each of the events is subject to confirmation and the prior authorization of the General Directorate of Public Health of the Government of the Canary Islands, having as plan B the Municipal House of Culture, said Cabrera.)

Saturday, May 01, 2021

Tenerife in May 2021

May Flowers in the Valley of El Palmar in Buenavista del Norte, Tenerife

May 2021 in Tenerife starts with a public holiday on Saturday 1 May 2021 for Fiesta del Trabajo (Workers’ Day) - Saturday is a working day in Spain. Then Sunday 2 May is Día de la Madre (Mother's Day), celebrated in Spain on the first Sunday in May, since 1965. 

May 3 Día de la Cruz (Festival of the Crosses), usually celebrated throughout the month in Santa Cruz, which also marks the founding of the city on that date in 1494. Last year Santa Cruz de Tenerife council cancelled the events and instead promoted celebrations from balconies and homes. Public events will be adjusted to the "new normal" this year.

Likewise, with the Fiestas of the Crosses and Fireworks - the battle between the streets of El Sol and El Medio - that usually takes place on 3 May in Los RealejosPuerto de la Cruz also celebrates Fiestas de la Cruz for it's founding, on 3 May. This year it is 370 years, since 3 May 1651, when the city was first able to appoint its own mayor.

Municipal holidays in May 2021 are: 

  • 3 May for Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Los Realejos 
  • 3 May Exaltation of the Holy Cross and Commemoration of the Founding of the City in Puerto de la Cruz
  • 3 May for the Festivity of the Día de la Cruz in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Sunday 30 May 2021 is Día de Canarias (Canaries Day), the anniversary of the first session of the Canary Islands' Parliament after the return of democracy in Spain, but this isn't a public holiday this year as it already falls on a Sunday.

Friday, April 30, 2021

May Festivities with decorated crosses and VIII Insular Handicraft Fair in Puerto de la Cruz

Decorated cross on 3 May in Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz celebrates the crosses in the May Festivities and the Plaza Reyes Católicos will host the VIII Insular Handicraft Fair from April 30

The City Council of Puerto de la Cruz is encouraging citizens so that, "with respect to all the extraordinary measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus", this May they may participate in the festivities by visiting the decorated crosses in the municipality. The traditional decorating of the crosses is "one of the most striking and picturesque events in neighbourhoods and streets."

A tour of nine artistic crosses is prepared, made and designed by various groups in the municipality, which can be enjoyed in all the neighbourhoods. Likewise, the Department of Festivities, together with the artisan space of La Ranilla, will once again promote the exhibition of recycled crosses, "within the possibilities that exist in the current situation."

This year, the VIII Insular Handicraft Fair will open the Puerto de la Cruz May Festivities on April 30 in the Plaza de los Reyes Católicos (McDonalds). 

The big day of these festivities is May 3, the day that also celebrates the founding of the municipality, and will be marked through the reading of the Royal Certificate of Felipe IV that opened the door to the constitution of Puerto de la Cruz independently of La Orotava. The certificate entered into force on May 3, 1651. 370 years ago. 

VIII Feria Insular de Artesanía a partir del 30 de abril

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Arroz amarillo – Yellow Rice

Arroz amarillo – Yellow Rice

A super simple recipe to prepare the perfect yellow rice to accompany any family dish.


500g Rice 
3 Tomatoes
100g Onion
1 Red pepper
1 Green pepper
100g Peas
Half a garlic clove
Fish stock
Saffron to taste


Heat 2 or 3 tablespoons of oil in a pan, lightly brown the chopped onion, about 5 minutes. Add the ripe tomatoes, peeled and cut into pieces, sauté for a few minutes, sieve the cooked mixture and reserve. Heat 3 or 4 tablespoons of oil, chop the pepper finely and fry lightly over low heat, add the reserved onion and tomato, stir, add the rice and sauté for 2 minutes, cover with the hot fish stock at a ratio of 2:1 of stock for each measure of rice. Distribute the ingredients evenly in the paella pan, season with salt and cook over medium heat. Crush half a clove of garlic and some parsley leaves and add this to the paella halfway through cooking, along with the cooked peas, season with saffron to taste. Once the stock is absorbed into the rice, let it rest off the heat for a few minutes. 

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival 1995

Stage in the Plaza de España for Carnival 1995

The theme of carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 1995 was Las Mil y una Noches (One Thousand and One Nights) and above is the stage in the Plaza de España, inspired by the film Aladdin. This was the last time the galas took place in the open air, before they were transferred to the Centro Internacional de Ferias y Congresos de Tenerife (The Tenerife International Centre for Trade Fairs and Congresses), which opened the following year.

Carnival Queen in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 1995, was 16 year old María Elena Luis Luis in a costume entitled, "Palabras Mágicas" (Magic Words), representing Páginas Amarillas (Yellow Pages) and designed by Marcos Marrero and María Díaz.

The jury included Seville designers Victorio & Lucchino and the comedian Pedro Ruiz, who acknowledged the difficulty in choosing the winner from among the 25 candidates. They held a celebratory cavalcade the same night, after which the carnival took to the streets for the following four days. Below is the spectacular opening of the gala, followed by the Queen's coronation.

In 1995, the court was made up as follows:

1995 Carnival Poster

  1. 1st Maid of Honour: Anabel Jorge González, with a costume entitled "En el centro del huracán" (In the centre of the hurricane), representing Peña Salamanca and designed by David Díaz Mendoza.
  2. 2nd Maid of Honour: Natacha Aguilar Méndez, with a costume entitled "Archangelos", representing Círculo de Amistad XII de Enero and designed by José Julio Rodríguez and Juan Fajardo.
  3. 3rd Maid of Honour: Ana Noelia Martín Medina, with a costume entitled "Mares canarios" (Canarian Seas), representing Palmitos Park de Maspalomas and designed by Armando García.
  4. 4th Maid of Honour: Lidia López Sebastián, with a costume entitled "La luz de Kronos" (The light of Kronos), representing Almacenes El Kilo and designed by Justo Gutiérrez.

Below are images from the Children's Carnival Parade in 1995.

Coso Infantil 1995

The Cutest Elephants in the Coso Infantil 1995

Miss Piggy at the Coso Infantil 1995

Junior Carnival Queen at the Coso Infantil 1995

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

La Laguna and the entire region are orphaned for another year without their pilgrimages

Hermitage of San Benito (Saint Benedict) in La Laguna Koppchen, CC BY 3.0

The calendar of the Romerías (Pilgrimages) that should have been held in the municipality in 2021 include those of El Pico-Tejina, Valle de Guerra, Las Mercedes, Guamasa, Finca España and the Romería Regional de San Benito Abad.

However, once more the romerías in the municipality of La Laguna cannot be held during the months of May, June and July 2021, as these traditional pilgrimages, like those of the rest of the islands, are suspended for another year due to the pandemic.

Dates to keep in mind, [we hope] Romerías in San Cristóbal de La Laguna 2022
  • Romería del Pico en Tejina: May 7 (Saturday from 5:00 p.m.)
  • Romería de Valle de Guerra:  May 15, San Isidro Day
  • Romería Las Mercedes: May 29
  • Romería de Guamasa: June 5
  • Romería Regional de San Benito Abad: July 10 This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Modern Pilgrimage
Note: Except for Tejina, which is on a Saturday afternoon, all start at 12.00 on Sunday.

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