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Almond Blossom Routes 2019

Almond blossom

The ever-popular Rutas de Almendros en Flor (Almond Blossom Routes) 2019 are several and run from 26 January to 16 February 2019. More information and tickets for these walks, part of the cultural programme organised by the Town Hall of Santiago del Teide, can this year be obtained from El Cardón NaturExperience, either online, by visiting them at their offices at the Hotel Meliã Hacienda del Conde, Buenavista del Norte (Monday - Friday 10am - 2pm). Telephone: 922 12 79 38. (English spoken.)

The routes on offer this year include:
  • Saturday, 26 January 9am - Short general walk (4 hours, medium difficulty, minimum age 8)
  • Saturday, 26 January 9am - Long general walk (5 hours, high difficulty, minimum age 12)
  • Sunday, 27 January 9am - Family Route (3 hours, low difficulty, minimum age 6)
  • Saturday, 2 February 9am - A day in the countryside among the almonds with picnic (4 hours, medium difficulty, minimum age 8)
  • Sunday, 3 February 9am - Tourist route (4 hours, medium difficulty, minimum age 12) with guide in Spanish, English and German
  • Saturday 9 February 5:30pm - Nocturnal route legends among the almonds includes theatrical performance. Overcoat and torch required. (3.5 hours, medium difficulty, minimum age 12) 
  • Sunday 10 February 9am - "Without Barriers" route for the disabled, the elderly and their carers. Sign language translation (Spanish) available, as well as a species of sedan chair for those with mobility issues. (3.5 hours, low-medium difficulty, minimum age 6) 
  • Saturday, 16 February 9am - Lovers route for couples over 18 years, includes artistic actuations (whatever that means, but open mind might be a good idea) and a photocall (3 hours, low difficulty, minimum age 18)
Includes guide (in Spanish only, except where noted), insurance and transport.

- Booking is essential as there are only restricted numbers allowed on each walk.
- The price for each walk is 5 Euros per person.

More information and tickets from El Cardón NaturExperience

Friday, January 18, 2019

Livestock and Crafts Fair: Fiestas of San Antonio Abad in Los Silos

Los Silos hosts its Livestock and Crafts Fair in honour of San Antonio Abad on Sunday, 20 January 2019. Last year more than 400 pets, 250 head of livestock and 80 artisans were expected to take part in the festivities and it's estimated that more than 6,000 people attended the popular event. This year these fiestas are celebrating their 270th year.

Events begin at 10:00 a.m. with the Handicraft Fair, which is held predominently in the Plaza de la Luz and the courtyard of the former Convent of San Sebastian and surrounding streets, with the participation of over 80 artisans from different points of the island. At the same time, in the area located behind the Convent of San Sebastian, the traditional Livestock Fair takes place, where more than 250 cattle, goats and horses gather.

The religious acts in honor of San Antonio Abad take place at 12:00 noon in the parish church of Our Lady of the Light with the celebration of the Holy Mass. This is followed by the procession of the image of San Antonio Abad through the main streets of the municipality, accompanied by several local folkloric groups. Upon arrival at the Old Convent of San Sebastian, the blessing of the cattle and pets is carried out.

The Handicrafts Fair remains open until after 6:00 p.m.


Fiesta of St Sebastian in La Caleta

The Fiestas of San Sebastián are celebrated in the district of La Caleta in Adeje on 20 January each year, this year falling on Sunday 20 January 2019 and, in recent years has become one of the best attended events on the south of the island.

The big day begins early in the morning, with the holy Mass, after which the venerated image leaves from the temple towards the sea, preceded by a retinue of horsemen, accompanied by oxen, cows, goats, sheep, camels and dogs. This concludes in the Plaza de San Sebastián, where the parish priest proceeds with the blessing of the animals.

In addition there is music and dancing, food and wines and Canarian handicrafts.

San Sebastián 2018

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Puerto de la Cruz Carnival 2019

Puerto de la Cruz Carnival Programme

Puerto de la Cruz Carnival 2019 - the theme of which is El Espacio (Space), runs from 16 February - 10 March 2019 with the following main events scheduled:

  • 16 February - Carnival Inauguration and the Presentation of Candidates
  • 24 February - Gala Election of Junior Carnival Queen
  • 28 February - Gala Election of Adult Carnival Queen
  • 02 March - Opening Parade
  • 03 March - Daytime Carnival and Costume Contest
  • 04 March - Carnival Monday
  • 06 March - Burial of the Sardine
  • 07 March - German Reception
  • 08 March - Men's High Heels Marathon
  • 09 March - Carnival Main Parade
  • 10 MarchPiñata Carnival Finale

Via Fiestas Puerto de la Cruz

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Los Gigantes Carnival 2019

Poster for Carnival in Los Gigantes 2019 Image: Santiago del Teide Town Hall

The dates of Carnival 2019 in Los Gigantes - from 15th to 23rd March 2019 - have been published, along with the announcement of the theme, El Olimpo de los Dioses (The Olympus of the Gods), as well as the presentation of this year's carnival poster.

There are no details yet indicating the schedule of events within those dates, but we will try to update as soon as information becomes available.

Se presenta el cartel del Carnaval de Los Gigantes 2019

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Countdown to Carnival: Ritmo y Armonía Comparsa - Bahía Bahitiare

The comparsas give you the spirit of carnival and while the galas, the opening parade and the main parade are all well known events, one you may have missed out on is the Ritmo y Armonía (Rhythm and Harmony) Comparsas Contest that takes place on the Saturday night of carnival that next year will take place on Saturday, 2 March 2019.

Here is just one of the comparsas from carnival earlier this year.

Most Santa Cruz carnival events are televised via RTVE or RTVC, locally, nationally and internationally or recordings may be found on the CarnavalTVC Youtube channel.

All events are liable to change beyond our control.

Bahía Bahitiare | Ritmo y Armonía | SC de Tenerife 2018

Almond Flower Route

In late January / February each year the Ruta de Almendros en Flor (Almond Flower Route) walk takes place as spring begins to blossom in Santiago del Teide.

Ruta Almendros en Flor, Tenerife

Friday, January 11, 2019

Romería of San Antonio Abad in Arona

The municipality of Arona reopens, once again, the calendar of romerías with the festivities in honor of San Antonio Abad, which will congregate thousands of people in the town on Sunday 13 January, in a celebration in which animals have a special role.


Thursday, January 10, 2019

Los Cristianos Carnival 2019

Los Cristianos Carnival Poster 2019

Yesterday, the poster for Los Cristianos (Arona) Carnival was announced and we now know that the theme for this carnival is to be "The Jungle". The dates of Los Cristianos Carnival 2019 - from 21 March to 1 April - have been known for some time - indeed we updated them on the list of Tenerife Carnival Dates for 2019 and created the Facebook Event for Los Cristianos Carnival 2019 back in Nov 2018 - but yesterday's announcement (via) did also include further dates and information on the following main events:

  • Saturday 23 March 2019 - Opening Parade (Cabalgata anunciadora) in Playa de Las Américas 
  • Thursday 28 March 2019 - Election of the Carnaval Queen (Gala de Elección de la Reina
  • Friday 29 March 2019 - Drag Queen Gala (Gala Drag
  • Saturday 30 March 2019 - Daytime Carnival (Carnaval de día)
  • Sunday 31 March 2019 - Carnival Main Parade in Los Cristianos (Coso Apoteósico)
  • Monday 1 April 2019 - Burial of the Sardine (Entierro de la Sardina) 

La Jungla del Carnaval de Los Cristianos 2019 ya cuenta con cartel anunciador

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Countdown to Carnival: Candidate for Carnival Queen in 2018, Carolina

Carolina Viera Gómez | Gala de elección de la Reina | SC de Tenerife 2018

As we count down to carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife 2019, let's take a last look at one of the candidates for carnival queen in 2018 and her magnificent costume.

The gala to elect the Carnival Queen in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 2019 is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, 27 February 2019. The inauguration takes place on 1 February 2019 and carnival takes to the streets on 1 March 2019.

All dates are liable to change beyond our control

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