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Friday, June 08, 2007

A sampling of Canary Islands heritage

The Alamo, San Antonio, Texas

Being able to trace ancestry back to settlers from the Canary Islands is a huge deal in San Antonio. Those settlers, a group of 15 families who travelled from the Canary Islands at the invitation of King Philip V of Spain, founded the small town of "La Villa de San Fernando" - as San Antonio, Texas was then called - on March 9, 1731.

Probably the most famous contribution the Canary Islanders made was building the San Antonio de Valero Mission, later known as The Alamo.

This weekend, members of two folkloric groups - Princesa Dácil and Cabuqueros - are visiting San Antonio, from Canary Islands to perform a series of demonstrations of traditional music and dance. Then, on Tuesday, they join Domingo Rodríguez Oramas, "El Colorao," one of the Canary Islands' best known timple - the traditional five stringed Canarian instrument - players, for a concert.

El folklore canario se escuchará en el Folk Live Festival de San Antonio de Texas

Image: Yinan Chen [Public Domain], via Wikimedia Commons