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Five hidden beaches in Tenerife

Tenerife has everything: charming and hidden beaches, impressive mountains, perfectly supplied cities and towns full of history, culture and, of course, exquisite gastronomy. Generally, and fortunately for many, those who visit the island tend to enjoy the beaches located in the most touristy areas, leaving without discovering those that are hidden between mountains, or those that rest at the end of the many steep trails. DIARIO DE AVISOS have compiled a list of five of these mysterious or hidden beaches in the rugged Tenerife landscape and give you below some information that you should take into account if you decide to discover these beautiful corners of volcanic sand, rocks and the sea. 

El Apio 

This beach of golden sand, rocks and gravel takes refuge in the cliffs of La Barranquera, in Valle Guerra (La Laguna). You can find it at the mouth of Barranco del Horno. Access to El Apio is simple, and there is also parking. At the same time, it is not the only beach in the area, since less than five kilometres away is another no less curious: Playa del Roquillo

La Ocadila 

Many in La Laguna have heard of it, but not all have been able to take a dip in the sea of it. La Ocadila rests, away from the city, between Punta del Hidalgo and Anaga. This hidden beach requires an adventurous passion, as its access is difficult. So much so, that you can only access it by sea, either by kayak or by boat.


A beautiful hamlet emerges, between deep ravines, 11 kilometres from the nearest town, Buenavista del Norte. At first glance, it is difficult to imagine that this point on the island, which rises 750 meters above sea level, once served as a hiding place for the pirates who crossed our waters. A wild beach of black sand and stones awaits you in the channel of the ravine, guarded by the cliffs. You have two options to get there: by sea, by boat or kayak, or going down its path. If you choose this last alternative, it will take you between two and four hours to walk to the beach. Ah! And don't forget to go early and, obviously, in good weather.

Las Breñas

If you love the sea and mountains, Las Breñas Beach is your place. This treasure, covered with black sand and stones, awaits you in Las Palmas de Anaga and offers you a wonderful panoramic view of Los Roques de Anaga. The path that takes you to Playa de Las Breñas starts from El Draguillo. The road is complicated, so you must be very attentive during the journey. On the way you will come across fantastic sights, such as the Hacienda de San Gonzalo, famous hundreds of years ago for its wine production, or the hermitage that guards a painting of the Virgin of Candelaria dating from the seventeenth century. 

Playa del Ancón

Getting to this wild beach in La Orotava requires a little stroll of between 20 and 30 minutes, but it's worth it. Especially once you step on its black volcanic sand. El Ancón is a small beach: its length is about 400 meters. However, when you look up, you are faced with the majesty of a spectacular landscape. If there is a "but" for this beach, it is the state of the sea: get in only if the sea is calm. We already know that the northern waters drag a lot when they are rough, as happens in others in the same area, such as Los Patos or El Bollullo

Other Charming Beaches

It would be unfair to think of this list as the definitive one, as in everything, depends on individual taste. And left out of this list of hidden beaches in Tenerife, are others that are just as spectacular: El Carrizal, La Fajana, La Garañona, Roque Bermejo, Antequera ... 

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