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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

No Passing on Winding Days

Who does these translations? :)

This sign on the road between Buenavista del Norte and Punta Teno, says, boldly: "Road Closed HIGH DANGER OF EARTH FALLING DURING WINDING OR RAINING DAYS"

The road certainly isn't straight on any days, so is that days when you are wound up (as in stressed) or, do they think they mean, no passing on days when you've eaten too many beans? :) The Union Jack is a nice touch tho', just in case you have no friggin idea what they are on about in what language! Earth falling? They mean bloody great rocks!

Great big corporation sign in bright yellow - you would imagine, wouldn't you, that someone would think to have it properly checked - by someone who actually speaks English - before it is put up there at the side of the road, all big and bold, for our pure entertainment.

All events are liable to change beyond our control.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha I saw that sign too.. Here is my take:


I went on anyway.. and the reward was great!!!

There's a big friggin yellow sign like that for each of the following languages: Spanish, English, French & German. The English one was the first one with the Spanish one being the last. They were about 50 meters apart. I'm really curious is the Spanlish was as bad in the other languages.

Anonymous said...

Well, seeing that shot on Flickr was the first time I'd seen the sign - it was only because of the shots before and after that I guessed where it probably was. You have confirmed that for me. (I was off commenting on yours, while you were here commenting on this, coincidentally.)

But, I haven't been down that road for about five years, so I haven't seen these - yes, sadly, fairly NEW - signs in person.

Maybe now I should, because I probably know enough French and German to know if they are as bad as the English version.

They _should_ be better, because French is not so hard for Spanish speakers and there are far more people around here who know some German, plus German expats in Buenavista.

On the other hand, I wouldn't bank on them checking. At this rate, actually, I wouldn't even hold my breath for the Spanish sign to be correct! :)

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