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Helado de Gofio (Gofio Ice Cream)

Ice Cream

Gofio is one of the most basic products in the Canarian diet with which you can prepare a variety of dishes such as escaldón or rich desserts such as turrón de gofio (gofio nougat) and ice cream. This ice cream recipe had me at condensed milk, but is ideal for making good use of a couple of typical Canarian products - gofio itself and miel de palma (Palm syrup) - which you can pick up easily from local markets or even supermarkets.


1 can of condensed milk 300 gr.
200 ml of whipping cream.
250 gr of gofio de millo or maíz (corn gofio).
1 soletilla [1] biscuit per person.
Grated lemon, toasted almonds.
Miel de palma (Palm honey) or miel de caña (Molasses or Black Treacle).


In a bowl put the condensed milk, add the gofio and beat together until it is fully integrated. Whip the cream and fold it into the previous preparation. Place this gofio mousse into the freezer for 3 hours.

Serve gofio ice cream with crumbled soletilla biscuit and chopped almonds sprinkled on top, lemon zest and a little palm honey, or if you prefer treacle. Serve immediately.

La cocina tradicional: Helado de Gofio

[1] Bizcochos de soletilla (little sole biscuits) are what the Italians call savoiardi, the French Boudoir and that we know as Ladyfingers.

As with every other recipe in the Canary Islands, there are almost as many versions as there are people who make it. Here is a version of the ice cream with piñones (pine nuts), but I would choose the version shown below served with another local delicacy - that you can pick up at fairs and fiestas - Almendras garrapiñadas (Candied almonds).

Video: Gofio ice cream served with Candied almonds and Palm honey

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