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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sex in Tenerife Caught on Film

Originally uploaded by Mataparda.
Before you get too excited, I should explain that this is actually a case of "the birds and the bees" - well, butterflies - and not for one moment a porn film! (But hey, the headline might draw in some traffic!) Some people are just blessed in my opinion. I thought I was pretty fortunate when one monarch butterfly stood still long enough for me to get a halfhearted snap of it. Jose Mesa, who took this series of 12 action photos, says that in the middle of June, these two mating butterflies appeared in the patio. After ten or fifteen intense minutes, they separated and flew off. Not unlike the behavior of many other summer visitors to Tenerife really!


Jessica Moreau Berry said...

Hi Pamela...wow your site is filled with lots of geat stuff!!

Myself, Rudy, Dakota & Weezie want to thank you again for blogging about them! They feel like supastahs' now!! LOL


Unknown said...

Thanks Pamela! :-)

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