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Adeje Prohibits Nudism on the Beaches

Playa en Costa AdejeRamón DuránSome rights reserved

The town hall of Adeje on the south of Tenerife yesterday approved a package of measures to control the use of the municipality's beaches, which prohibits nudity, street selling, camping, foot massages or lighting fires.

The objective of these new bylaws is to protect and improve quality for all users and the environment along the coast. On all of the beaches, the practice of nudism is now prohibited, as are massages; something that had recently become popular on the beaches of Playa Fañabé and Bahía del Duque.

The installation of any type of unauthorized building or temporary structure is also prohibited in all of the coastal area of Adeje and beach furniture must be the type accredited by the town hall. Camping is prohibited throughout the year.

Noise or vibration, caused by any means or musical instrument, which could prevent others from enjoying the quiet use of the beach is also prohibited.

Tourist and Environmental councillors also emphasized the prohibition of street selling of food and drink products or products of any other nature. As well as apprehending street sellers, police can now seize and destroy merchandise.

Other measures include prohibiting access to the beaches to any type of animal and all types of vehicles, except, naturally, emergency and security vehicles.

Leaving rubbish on the beach is also prohibited and, as well as receiving a fine, offenders will be obliged to clean up. Lighting fires, such as barbecues, using gas stoves or any mechanism that produces a flame is also prohibited.

Beach users may not use soap, gel or shampoo on the sands, in the footbaths or showers in the bathing areas. Motor or sailing vessels may not enter the bathing areas, fishing is prohibited on the bathing beaches and, jet skis and surfboards may only be used in the areas specifically provided for their use.

Fines for breaking these rules, depending on the seriousness of the offence, range from 450 euros to 6,000 euros.

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