Friday, May 01, 2009

Labour Day, Día del Trabajador

This is what a worker used to look like
Today, May 1st
is a national Public Holiday in Spain and this weekend is a puente (bridge), or long weekend for people to escape and do something enjoyable. That is, unless you're one of the majority unemployed, when really, Worker's Day (celebrated by not working), doesn't seem much different to any other day. Día del Trabajador (May Day), like most Bank Holiday weekends (anywhere), means roads come to a chaotic standstill as everyone tries to escape elsewhere and return later, while road deaths - through excess speed - increase in inverse proportion. It's an illogical conundrum, for which I have no explanation.

Had we been able to tell you earlier, you could have gone along and protested in Santa Cruz at mid-day about the terrible conditions in your job (if you have one), or the lack of one (if you don't). The aim was to "publicly denounce the systematic loss of rights that workers suffer, with the excuse of the current economic crisis."

The biggest events on the island this weekend are the International Paragliding Festival, FLYPA 2009 and the Fiestas de Mayo / Fiestas de la Cruz (May Fiestas or Fiestas of the Cross.) See decorated crosses in Güímar and Puerto de la Cruz and catch the 3 hour firework battle in Los Realejos on May 3rd.