Saturday, May 01, 2010

Tenerife Rally Program 2010

Next weekend sees the start of the 2010 rally season on the island of Tenerife, so here for your sporting pleasure (or where to avoid the affected roads), is a list of this year's fixtures:

Date Rallies Hill Climbs
May 8th San Miguel
June 5th Orvecame Norte
June 19th Granadilla
June 26th Guimar
July 10th Arona / La Escalona
September 11th Adeje
October 2nd Tamaimo
November 13th Isle of Tenerife
December 4th Guia de Isora

Tenerife in May

Looking over Garachico

Looking Over Garachico

This image of Garachico was taken from the mirador, looking down between the lava flows of the 1706 eruption. Several landmarks can be seen quite clearly on this view, starting from the obvious blue of the swimming pool on the sea front, come inland two blocks to where there are rows of dark green dots. Those are the trees of the Plaza de la Libertad. A little to the right of there is a particularly large white building with terracotta red roofs and two black patches (those are courtyards). That building is the former Franciscan Convent, to where the lava reached and, some would say, miraculously, skirted around.

Tenerife Weather in May

Tenerife features the lowest temperature 'difference' between summer and winter for anywhere in the world. The minimum and maximum annual average air temperatures in Tenerife are about 15C in winter and 24C in summer.

May Averages Tenerife UK
Daily hours of sunshine 8.8 6.1
Daytime temperature C 20.4 15.4
Sea temperature C 19 -
Days with rain 1 9.8
In May, you should enjoy an average of 8.8 daily hours of sunshine in Tenerife (in contrast to an optimistic 6.1 hours in England).

The average daytime temperature in May in Tenerife is listed as 20.4 degrees centigrade. This is, of course, an average for the entire island. And, no matter where you are on the island, it is sure to be better than the English equivalent, given as a maximum of 15.4 degrees centigrade.

The sea temperature in Tenerife in May averages at 19C.

Although there is an average of 1 day with rain in May, this means any amount of rain from a short sharp shower. Better than the 9.8 days in the UK.

Tenerife Fiestas in May

120c06May usually begins with Fiesta del Trabajo / Labour Day on the 1st, which is usually a Public Holiday.

May 3rd is Día de la Cruz / Day of the Cross, which is celebrated most fervently with Fiestas de Mayo (May Festivals) or Fiestas de la Cruz (Festivals of the Cross) in Santa Cruz (where it marks the date of the city’s foundation in 1494), in Puerto de la Cruz, in Güímar where these magnificent flower crosses are made and in Los Realejos, where you can enjoy a 3-hour firework battle.

May 5th marks the anniversary of the volcanic eruption in 1706, which partially destroyed the town of Garachico. They celebrate this every 5 years – as you do – by chucking fireballs down a cliff face, while 30,000+ people cheer. In 2006, on the 300th anniversary, the event was marked by special events including the unveilling of a new monument overlooking the area where the old port had been.

And at the end of the month, on May 30th is the Día de Canarias (Canaries Day), the annual event and local holiday, which celebrates “Canarianess” and remembers the anniversary of the first session of the autonomous Canary Islands Parliament, of May 30th, 1983. Its roughly the equivalent of England’s St. George’s Day.