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Public Holidays in Tenerife in 2011

Here is a list of the Public Holidays in the Canary Islands for 2011, as approved by the Government of the Canaries.

1 January, Año Nuevo / New Year
6 January, Epifanía del Señor / Epiphany
21 April, Jueves Santo / Holy Thursday
22 April, Viernes Santo / Good Friday
30 May, Día de Canarias / Canaries Day
15 August, Asunción de la Virgen / Assumption
12 October, Fiesta Nacional de España / Spanish National Holiday
1 November, Todos los Santos / All Saints
6 December, Día de la Constitución Española / Day of the Spanish Constitution
8 December, Inmaculada Concepción / Immaculate Conception
26 December, Natividad del Señor / Day in lieu of Christmas Day

In addition, in Tenerife only, the following date is also a public holiday:
2 February, Virgen de la Candelaria / Candlemas

The two peculiarities in this list are that because Fiesta del Trabajo / Labour Day, May 1st falls on a Sunday, the day in lieu, rather than the next day, has been given as May 30th, for Día de Canarias / Canaries Day instead.

Likewise, as Christmas Day in 2011 will also fall on a Sunday, December 26th has been given as a day in lieu. Boxing Day isn’t a holiday in Spain.

There’s a legal right to days off on public holidays in Spain (there's no such right in Britain), however, you should note that the official working week in Spain consists of 6 days, Monday to Saturday, inclusive, so that as Christmas Day this year (2010) falls on a Saturday, this is a working day and thus no day off in lieu is given.

To make up the 14 days public holidays decreed by law, two additional days are added that are specific to each municipal council area.

Aprobados los festivos de 2011

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