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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tuesday the 13th in Tenerife

In the cultures of Spain, Greece and some countries of Latin America, such as Argentina, Chile and Venezuela, Tuesday 13th is considered an unlucky day.

In Spanish there is an old saying, which goes, “On Tuesday, neither get married, nor embark on a journey, nor travel away from home.”

There are many people with a phobia to this day, not traveling anywhere because of superstition. It's also common that planes have no row 13 (it’s assumed that passengers wouldn't buy tickets for that row).

The phobia of this day is called Trezidavomartiofobia. [Tray-see-dav-O-marty-O-phobia.]

One explanation for the choice of the number 13 as being unlucky is because at the last supper. Twelve were the apostles of Jesus Christ ... and we all know it's supposed to just dinner ... right? They say that Judas is the traitor and what a coincidence ... he’s considered the number 13.

It is also said that was on a Tuesday when there was the confusion of tongues at the Tower of Babel.

The negative connotations applied to Tuesday 13th have no scientific basis, so it should be very clear that it’s just a myth, but are the same as the Friday the 13th in Anglo-Saxon cultures or Friday 17th in Italy.

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