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Traditional Fiestas in Buenavista del Norte

During the Fiestas Patronales Nuestra Señora de los Remedios in 2006

  • San Antonio Abad: 3rd and 4th Sunday of January
  • Baile de Piñata: At carnival time in Teno Alto  
  • San Juan: Last week of June in Los Carrizales
  • Santa Lucía: Last weekend in July in La Cuesta
  • San Bartolomé: 24th August
  • Virgen del Carmen: Last weekend of August and first weekend of September in Las Portelas
  • San Jerónimo: Second weekend in September in Teno Alto
  • Virgen de la Consolación: Second half of September, featuring the Baile de las Libreas, in El Palmar
  • Nuestra Señora de la Concepción: First weekend in October in Masca 
  • Nuestra Señora de Los Remedios: 25th October

Agriculture is the reason behind many of the popular celebrations in Buenavista, among them the Día de la Siembra de la Papa (Day of potato planting) in Las Portelas, which is repeated every summer to coincide with the festival of Ntra. Sra. Del Carmen. Local residents and onlookers gather to enjoy a day of sowing and the subsequent lunch.

The wheat harvest, staggered over the summer, begins in July. The subsequent threshing forms the origins of one of the most complete rural celebrations in the area: the Día de la Trilla (Threshing Day), this time in the neighborhood of El Palmar. The events on the last Sunday in September combine the making of a carbonera (an ancestral procedure for obtaining charcoal by slow burning firewood) with traditional threshing, where the skillful use of beasts enable the separation of the wheat from the straw. These are followed by lunch and an afternoon of music and dancing.

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