Saturday, February 10, 2018

Weather disrupts carnival in Tenerife

Weather vane in Tenerife

Locals know that it always rains at some point during carnival week in Santa Cruz, but it's not often that the weather really messes with the timetable. Last night's Opening Parade in Santa Cruz was very slightly delayed in starting and not all of the carnival queens with their huge costumes joined the parade - newspaper Diario de Avisos describe this parade as "decaffeinated" - because the forecast gusts of wind were double the speed thought safe for them to do so, according to the 'elf and safety guidelines. (They have guidelines!)

The cold is also mentioned as one of the "adverse" meteorological conditions that affected the parade last night. Yeah, about 16C of cold. We are still laughing like drains.

On the plus side, the parade did go ahead and still drew a crowd of 78,000 people, it is reported and the same source informed us that during the first night of carnival only one person was detained and just 57 people were seen by the carnival first aid post.

You can see coverage of last night's opening parade here.

Also owing to heavy wind and rain in Tenerife, the Gala for the Election of the Carnival Queen in Puerto de la Cruz, that had been scheduled for Thursday evening, had to be posponed. It is now programmed to take place tonight, Saturday, 10 February at 8pm. Further information is available (in Engish) from the Carnaval Internacional del Puerto de la Cruz website.

Tonight's Rhythm and Harmony Comparsas Contest in Santa Cruz de Tenerife appears, currently, to be expected to be going ahead as planned.

Rain is nowehere near as wet in Tenerife than it is elsewhere and after the third Cuba Libre, you may even believe me, but if you're going out to party, here's where that ultra cheap costume made from a plastic rubbish sack might just be the the best choice you can make.

The forecast for Santa Cruz de Tenerife according to state meteorological agency, AEMET, for the next few days is for more rain - 100% probability tonight and 95% probability on Monday being the worst. The wind, however, which could present a greater risk for participants, is forcast at only 20kmph and there are no weather warnings. If the forecast is correct, the rain should clear up too by Tuesday afternoon, just in time for Carnival's Main Parade.

If we hear of any further adjustments to the schedule, we'll try to communicate them.

Most Santa Cruz carnival events are televised via RTVE or RTVC, locally, nationally and internationally or recordings may be found on the CarnavalTVC Youtube channel.

All events are liable to change beyond our control.