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Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival Queen 1990

Carnival Queen in 1990, Carmen Gloria Trujillo García

Carnival Queen in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 1990 was Carmen Gloria Trujillo García with a costume entitled, ‘La Fenicce’ (The Phoenix), designed by Justo Gutiérrez and sponsored by Almacenes El Kilo (established in the 1960s, El Kilo has become well known as the textile supplier of reference in the Canary Islands.)

Santa Cruz Carnival in 1990 took place between 16 February and 4 March and had as its theme, 'Story World': The scenery in the Plaza de España was in two parts. One was "happy" (with a smiley-faced house) and the other "dark", with a tree whose branches were shaped like hands in a tribute to the film Poltergeist.

In 1990, the court was made up as follows:

  1. 1st Maid of Honour: Natalia Ramos Hernández, with a costume entitled "Pulpa de tamarindo" (Tamarind pulp), representing Whisky J&B and designed by Leo Martínez.
  2. 2nd Maid of Honour: María Concepción Hernández Padrón, with a costume entitled "Reflejos de mi tierra" (Reflections of my land), representing National Nederlander and designed by Leo Martínez.
  3. 3rd Maid of Honour: Virginia Jesús Toledo Palenzuela, with a costume entitled "Castor blanco" (White beaver), representing Casino Taoro and designed by Justo Gutiérrez.
  4. 4th Maid of Honour: Fátima Rodríguez Rodríguez, with a costume entitled "Luz y color de Tenerife" (Light and color of Tenerife), representing Centro Comercial Maya and designed by José Luis Rodríguez y Juan Fajardo.

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