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Sunday, November 01, 2020

Tenerife Fiestas in November 2020

Santa Lastenia Cemetery in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Photo Jose Mesa Some Rights Reserved

November usually begins with a National Public Holiday on the 1st November for Todos los Santos (All Saints Day), however, as this already falls on a Sunday in 2020, it was replaced with a date earlier in the year instead. All Saints is the day when families gather to lay flowers on the graves of deceased relatives and there are few religious days that mean quite so much to the people of Spain and the Canary Islands. More flowers are sold for All Saints Day than for Valentines Day. This year will inevitably be difficult with so many people lost to COVID-19, but with a need for restrictions to limit the number of people who gather.

Indeed, Santa Lastenia Cemetery was one of the first to announce that they will control the capacity on the occasion of the Día de Finados (Day of the Dead). The thousands of people who each year come to the Santa Lastenia cemetery in Santa Cruz on this occasion, this year, given the current pandemic situation, will see limited access to the cemetery, which will have capacity control. The special security operation will last from October 26 to November 2. People who attend may enter in groups of three and the maximum time spent in the venue will be 45 minutes. They will place safe channels, signaling the entrance and exit of the cemetery, in addition to the fact that the Cetensa staff will be in charge of reminding people on the mandatory use of a mask, hydrogels and maintaining social distance.

Meanwhile, the Department of Cemeteries of the City of La Laguna has implemented an appointment system that will allow the population to visit the five cemeteries of the municipality during these dates, in the face of the current health crisis, by controlling the influx on the occasion of All Saints' Day and the Day of the Dead to avoid crowds.

In La Orotava too, they have established an appointment system, where tickets will be issued to allow two people to access the cemetery between October 28th and November 1. Similar measures are being announced and will be in place in other locations on the island. People are also being advised to make visits throughout that week and the next and bring the bouquets prepared previously, going to the cemetery only to place them.

The Pinolere Handicraft Fair is taking place on November 6, 7 and 8, 2020.

The only municipal holiday is 25 November for the Festival of Santa Catalina in Tacoronte. 

The month's biggest celebrations are usually on 29 November on the Eve of San Andrés (Saint Andrew's Day), in Icod de los Vinos with their Tablas de San Andrés and in Puerto de la Cruz with the Fiesta del cacharro y la castaña (Fiesta of the pots and chestnuts). At time of writing we have no news on whether either of these events will be celebrated this year in any form, but will update if any last minute information becomes available.