Thursday, December 24, 2020

Flavours of Christmas: Christmas Eve Dinner

Christmas Eve and the table is set

As in most Spanish provinces, there are special typical recipes for every occasion and Christmas is no exception. For those who have planned to visit us on these dates, in addition to ensuring good weather, we want to guide you through our gastronomy so that you can take home a delicious memory. For those of us who celebrate it as a family, our journey through Christmas recipes undoubtedly begins by visiting the market, to the stalls to which we go year after year to acquire the best ingredients for our typical Christmas Eve dinner.

The market looks splendid as always at this time of year, adorned with garlands, lights and animated Christmas carols. In each house and on each island they have their own particular favourites, we want to show you the most common ones, the ones that are never missing from the dinner table of La Laguna families.


We start by welcoming our guests with a tray of langostines, homemade croquettes and local cheeses with mojo sauces and, of course, the star of our starters, the famous pata de cochino asada (roast leg of pork).


The most used on these dates are cherne (grouper) and cod that we will serve in the most traditional way, with onions and accompanied by some papas arrugadas (wrinkled potatoes) and bathed with cilantro (coriander) or spicy mojo sauce.


Goat kid in adobo and rabbit in salmorejo are the main stars of our gastronomy although they take on a special role in our tables for Christmas and that of course we accompany them with wrinkled potatoes that we will bathe over and over in their delicious sauce.

Beyond the typical Christmas desserts such as the usual turrones (nougats), polvorones and marzipans, which we also like, what Canarians really love to eat are the Truchas de Batata (Sweet Potato Pies) and Pella de Gofio, a delicious dough made with kneaded gofio, honey and nuts, is served in thin slices and is accompanied by a sweet local wine.

Potatoes for sale at La Laguna Market Wolfgang Holzem, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons