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Fiestas of San Sebastián in La Caleta, Adeje

Figure of San Sebastián being taken to Enramada Beach. Photo: Adeje Town Hall

Fiestas of San Sebastián

San Sebastián, co-patron of the municipality of Adeje together with the Virgen de la Encarnación and Santa Úrsula, celebrates its feast on January 20. In recent years it has become one of the celebrations that gathers the most people in the whole South of Tenerife, demonstrated by the large influx of people related the agriculture and livestock of the region and the island who gather at the mythical site of Playa de la Enramada.

The entire town of Adeje, as well as people from neighbouring municipalities, from the north of the island and even from neighbouring island, La Gomera, participate in the San Sebastián festivities. From the elders, who talk about the old times, to the smallest children, all have made this festival an obligatory meeting point.

The big day of San Sebastián begins early in the morning, with the holy mass, after which the venerated image leaves the temple towards the sea, preceded by a retinue of horsemen, who year after year, surprise the curious congregated in the area, taking their animals into the sea, a show that combines devotion to Saint Sebastian and love for animals. In addition to this unique equestrian encounter, all those present, but especially the little ones, enjoy the procession accompanied by oxen, cows, goats, sheep, camels and sheepdogs. This concludes in the Plaza de San Sebastián, where the parish priest proceeds to bless the animals.

The folk music and dances of the region, stalls, Canarian artisan products, food and the wines of the islands and the municipality have their leading role to supply the thousands of congregants who meet in the surroundings of the old hermitage that bears the name of the patron saint and miracle worker.

History of the Fiestas of San Sebastián

This is a very old fiesta. It began in the early years of the 16th century in a place of worship prior to the Conquest of the Canary Islands and, over the years, it has been adapting to new customs. Over the years, farmers and ranchers in Adeje and throughout the island have increased their devotion to this patron saint, but in a very special way because of the statue of San Sebastián that was in the old hermitage. Many miracles are attributed to this image. Still today, many are the people who resort to San Sebastián de Adeje with the hope of a quick cure of their ailments or to request a favor or fulfil the promise.

This festivity encourages a meeting in which adults and young people revive a tradition that goes beyond the religious, contributing to the strengthening of the spirit of coexistence and harmony among the inhabitants of the region.

FIESTA of SAN SEBASTIAN, La Caleta, Adeje, Tenerife

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