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Garbage is part of the landscape in Buenavista

Playa del Fraile, Buenavista del Norte

The Telesforo Bravo Foundation discovered packed waste three meters high from the old landfill: Remains of bottles, food packages or toys are interspersed with stones and sand, forming a peculiar landscape in Buenavista. It is one of the main consequences of the human hand in the environment, visible in waste deposits (techno-fossils) mixed with natural elements, forming soils.

A succession of different strata in which alluvial material and hillside debris have "packed" about three meters of various waste from the old Buenavista landfill, active during the 40s to 80s of the 20th century. In those 40 years the predominant material was glass, not yet plastic and bottles and broken glass appear everywhere, in addition to clothes, coffee packages, toys ... "All human beings should have the opportunity to contemplate the trace that we left on this planet to try to minimize them and this is a good place ", explains the Foundation regarding the area, located specifically on the beach of El Fraile.

This impact is visible in different ways and one of them is in waste deposits
 (techno-fossils) mixed with natural elements, forming soils.

Despite the fact that the dumping of waste ceased a long time ago and a walkway was built over the landfill in 91, "the sea is undermining it, uncovering the waste and at high tide taking it into the water", so they opine that "action is urgent." In addition, the area adjoins the Teno Rural Park, which is also "suffering the arrival of this garbage by sea."

La basura ya forma parte del paisaje en Buenavista

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