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Town Hall and Traditional Fiestas in Arafo

Town Hall of Arafo

Ayuntamiento de Arafo, Calle Amilcar González Díaz 1, 38550 Arafo, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Phone: +34 922 51 17 11. Website | Facebook | Twitter (Press). Arafo also has separate social media accounts including a dedicated Twitter account for Prensa (Press) and numerous Facebook pages for different departments.

In the 1950s, a series of improvements in its urban facilities were carried out in Arafo, such as the constructions of the Obra Social del Movimiento building, the installation of the drinking water service, paving the streets, expansion and improvement of the Plaza José Antonio, the completion of the building for schools and the Town Hall and the construction of a group of limited-income housing in the Carmen neighbourhood. The seat of the town council had been itinerant, once the parish church or the home of the mayor on duty, later they would be houses generally rented to influential people. In 1935 a motion by Mayor Luis Marrero was approved for the construction of new buildings for the Town Hall, Court and Civil Guard barracks, however the Civil War paralyzed the project. The current headquarters of the consistory, was begun during the decade of the 1930s, at first to be occupied by the primary schools. In 1943, the council moved to a room on the first floor. The second was concluded at the end of the fifties. The progressive increase in the town hall offices led to it being used entirely as Town Hall.

Fiestas celebrated in Arafo include:
  • Fiestas de La Cruz in Aserradero or La Cruz, beginning of May
  • Romería in honour of San Isidro in May
  • Fiestas patronales in honour of San Juan  Degollado, San Agustín and San Bernardo: during the month of August
  • Romería de San Agustín: Saturday before last Sunday of August
  • Fiestas a San Andrés: in La Hidalga and El Carretón, end of Nov
  • Fiestas in honour of San Juanito: in the Playa de Lima
  • Fiestas a Nuestra Señora del Carmen
  • Feria Regional de Artesanía: coinciding with the Fiesta de San José.
  • Santa Cecilia: is commemorated by musical groups from Arafo.

Weather in Arafo
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