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April brings heavy rain storms in Tenerife

Hamlet of Las Lagunetas (Buenavista del Norte, Tenerife)

Storm in 1901 caused eight deaths in Tenerife

The rain and wind, accompanied by a strong electrical storm, hit various towns in Tenerife between April 10 and 14, in 1901, causing eight deaths in the village of Las Lagunetas (Buenavista del Norte, Tenerife). In Gran Canaria, the intense and copious rains originated serious floods in the ravines in the north of the island that destroyed bridges and roads, causing the towns to remain isolated for a week. In the case of the Guiniguada ravine in the capital, the chronicles of the time speak of the great avenue that crossed the Palo Bridge and flooded part of the Triana and Vegueta neighbourhoods.

Memorable rainy season in 1977

An intense and memorable rainy season lasting several days, between 10 and 13 April 1977, in the Canary Islands brought precipitation of more than 350 l / m2 in the south west and of more than 220 l / m2 in the south east of Tenerife. San Cristóbal de La Laguna was partially incommunicado for several days. The powerful storm of Holy Week 1977 is one of the most important of the 20th century in the Canary Islands. It affected the entire western province and Gran Canaria, but was especially strong in Tenerife. The recorded rainfall in 24 hours: 358.9 mm in Vilaflor on 11 Apr; 260.3mm at Los Rodeos on 10 Apr. 

In El Escobonal (Güímar), also in Tenerife, more than 400 mm rain fell during this storm, when its annual average is around 380 mm. In Bajamar, in the Barranco de San Juan, the rains caused some sections of the highway that connects Bajamar with Punta del Hidalgo to be washed away. It caught everyone off guard, with their minds still on the recent Los Rodeos accident, the worst in civil aviation

Efemérides meteorológicas en Canarias del siglo XX y XXI Parte III 

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