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Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival Queen 1993

Carnival Queen in 1993, Carlota Bibiana Sosa Borges

Carnival Queen in 1993 was Carlota Bibiana Sosa Borges with a costume entitled, "Pim, pam, pum... fuego" (Pim, pam, pum ... fire) designed by Marcos Marrero y María Díaz, representing Casinos de Juego de Tenerife

The theme of carnival in 1993 was 'The Circus'. The stage was extended to almost half the surface of the Plaza de España. This was the first year that Antena 3 Television broadcast the Gala for the Election of the Carnival Queen, nationally and internationally (on Antena 3 Internacional); previously, it had been broadcast by RTVE, TVE1, La2 and TVE Internacional.
The candidate Mónica García Brito, who wore a costume designed by the local designer Carlos Nieves, entitled "Pachá entra en mi sueño" (Pachá enters my dream), managed to break all the established norms regarding the making of costumes for carnival candidates and set a precedent that has not yet been surpassed. Her costume, which measured 6 meters high and 6.5 meters wide, was the largest costume that has been made for this type of event. Nevertheless, she was chosen as a lady in waiting to the Carnival Queen.
The overture of the gala was performed by Tenerife group, "Salsarrica" with the song "El Carnaval es un circo" (Carnival is a circus.)

In 1993, the court was made up as follows:

  1. 1st Maid of Honour: Esther Gómez Megolla, with "Oro negro" (Black Gold), representing Centro Comercial Alcampo - La Laguna and designed by Leo Martínez.
  2. 2nd Maid of Honour: Florynda Cristina Rosa Pérez, with "Jaque mate" (Checkmate), representing Murgas del Carnaval and designed by Carlos Nieves.
  3. 3rd Maid of Honour: Mónica García Brito, with "Pachá entra en mi sueño" (Pachá enters my dream), representing Discoteca Pachá and designed by Carlos Nieves.
  4. 4th Maid of Honour: Carmina Luengo Rodríguez, with "Maringá se va de fiesta" (Maringá goes to the party), representing Almacenes El Kilo and designed by Leo Martínez.

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