Thursday, June 03, 2021

Quesadilla from El Hierro

Quesadilla from El Hierro

Quesadilla herreña, or quesadilla from El Hierro, is a typical and artisan pastry from the island of El Hierro. At the beginning of the 20th century, the family that owns the bakery Adrián Gutiérrez e Hijas (and daughters) created this dessert and continue with the tradition to the present day. Generally shaped like a flower, the main ingredient of the quesadilla is the Herreño cheese (raw white goat’s cheese from El Hierro)


1 kg Herreño Cheese
3 eggs
250 gr Flour
1/2 kg. Sugar
Matalahúva (anise)


Place the cheese in a food processor and process. Next, add the eggs, a little anise, the lemon zest, and the sugar. Stir and knead everything until you get a paste, then add the flour little by little while continuing to knead. Add a little cinnamon to taste (if desired).

Taking moulds (if possible, the typical shape: flower or star), flour or grease them and cover them with a fine layer of puff pastry (or just line them with baking paper, if you prefer). Then, take portions of dough and place them in the moulds on top of the pastry (or paper). Also, instead of putting them in individual moulds, it can be done in a large one, and if you do not have puff pastry, then you can grease the mould and pour in the dough directly. 

Heat the oven, and bake the quesadillas at 180º - 190º for 50 minutes until golden. 

Quesadilla herreña